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Re: AT&T Digital Life

AT&T Digital Life

Is anyone using this service yet?

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I had my system install Friday. Everything seems okay except for keypad volumes. For getting into the security end of this it is almost like you started with out dated keypads compared to the other services out there. I will make my decision within the 30 days. The keypad and alarm needs updated quickly. But I can see that if you miss your cancellation time frame then they have have you for 2 years and at renewal they will update you to a new keypad for $199 with a new 2 year activation fee.

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

its been close to 20 days now.  so here's my final assessment:



Highly competitive.  Compared against ADT (my former security company) and Frontpoint (the leading do-it-yourself security system), AT&T was the most affordable.  Why?  Installation is free no matter if you're installing 1 camera or 200 cameras.  For me, this was where I commanded the greatest savings.  ADT wanted $150 for each camera install and Frontpoint required me to have a third party perform the install.


Home Automation

Simply put: awesome!  I love being able turn the porch lights on at night when i'm away on travel or turn the hallway light i left on when i forgot to shut it off before i left the house.  Don't forget about how cool it is to turn the heater up a notch when my freezing butt doesn't want to get out of bed to walk down the hallway to adjust the thermostat.  The automatic door locks are marvelous.  Maybe it's old age, but I seem to always forget to lock them.  A simple push of a button on my iphone app and all my locks are activated.  But the greatest automation feature of all is when I come home and open my garage door, I have all my exterior lights programmed to turn on if it is after sunset so I feel safe that nobody is hiding behind the bushes as i'm pulling into my house.



AT&T has the edge over ADT because the AT&T keypad unit is separate from the main unit.  Previously, in my ADT secured home, a burglar could break in, walk straight to my ADT unit and rip the entire unit off the wall and the system would be rendered completely useless.  With my AT&T system, the keypad sits where my old ADT unit is and the AT&T main unit sits in a closet deep in my house.  Good luck bad guy!  Furthermore, AT&T's primary communication channel is cellular.  You can't beat that.  In addition, AT&T has a garage tilt sensor.  It surprises me the ADT doesn't.


Ease of Use

The keypad is simple, the computer website is simple and intuitive, and the mobile app is truly remarkable.  Creating home automation programs are literally as simple as 1-2-3.  If you need someone to teach you how to use the AT&T website or mobile app, home automation and security may not be something you should get yourself into.


So what do I not like?  

I miss the loud audible chirps and notifications on my old ADT system.  Come on AT&T, get your act together.  I see the potential for AT&T losing customers for such a simple feature requirement.  Secondly, I was disappointed that I could not add my own zwave devices and such; however, I came to the realization that AT&T had all the zwave devices I would ever need.  Not to mention, the components they have available are competitively priced.  So what's the point in trying to hook up my own devices?  


What impressed me the most?

The customer service.  Seriously, for a behemoth like AT&T, I am shocked.  The team (yes, a freaking team: an electrician and 4 AT&T technicians) that came to my house to install my $2,000+ security system were professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and seemed to really enjoy what they were doing.  Reminded me of a startup company vibe.  And on top of all of that, the customer service reps have been overwhelmingly responsive, helpful, and truly empathatic from day 0 to now.  And honestly, I've had several issues that I needed quick resolution to and they exceeded my expectations every single time.  


So what am I fearful of?

1.  That they never fix the audible issue.  

2.  That all these great customer interactions I have experienced up to now is just a fascade 


So what's the final take?

A security and home automation system that can't be beat.  What are you waiting for?

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ACE - Expert

Re: AT&T Digital Life

@jbeezely wrote:

...  Furthermore, AT&T's primary communication channel is cellular.  . ...

I do not believe this to be an accurate statement.


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Re: AT&T Digital Life

we've had Digital Life since May of this year.  Didn't get the cameras - just the thermostats, security system, and the door lock.  I love the system.  The iPad and iPhone apps are great.  The installation was very professional -  installers answered all our questions.  My main problem with all this is - what now?  I'd love to add some additional plugs, or maybe another electrical switch - or figure out a way to get a garage door opener to interface with the system - how do I do this?  where do I go?  It seems to me like they just have zero interest in expanding this.  There's never any new "hints" on the app - no news, nothing.  I don't see the product moving at all since I purchased it - very disappointing.  And one other thing - I still get emails and snail mail GALORE, asking me to purchase Digital Life - what's up with that?

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I wish i would have researched this before i trusted ATT to have ATT Digital Life Security in my house!

so many problems!! the alarm goes off a weak sound!! Seiren!there is a 45 sec delay from the keypad that you can barely hear!! Customer service wanted me to take another day off from work! i asked to speak to a supervisor because if this person not LISTENING!She informed me she wa a supervisor!!! it too me 30 min to speak to her supervisor and she didnt listen as well!!!! 

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I just transferred from ADT to AT&T and was reallyexcited about it. I did my install last 11/19 and right away saw some concerns that AT&T Digital Life needs to address. First weakness will be the very faint sound that the keypad makes even when connected to the plugged siren. The chirp sounds are so faint that you can bearly hear them. The alam too when it sets off isnt that scandalous and loud that would alarm everyone. The delay beeping sound when arming and disarming also cant be heard at all when the door is closed. The equipment doesnt talk also. The notification will only display on the small screen in the keypad.


I know Digital Life is pretty new in the market and still has so much room for improvement. I just hope that they act fast and get this problem resolved ASAP. It is a major issue that I believe could easily be fixed with a new equipment. I also hope customers having this problem right now wont be charged with the equipment fee when the upgrade is made. I also suggest that new customers are properly informed about these problems before the equipment are installed so not to have expectations and get frustrated after .


Still its a great product but needs some improvement and upgrade.



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Re: AT&T Digital Life

Just had my system installed and the big complaint for me, just like everybody else is the low keypad beep when a door or window is opened. The only time you will know when entry has been breached is when the real siren kicks in. That doesn't make me feel 100% safe knowing that there is such a long delay between forced entry and alert. Such a simple problem to fix, but we are dealing with two of the largest and most bureaucratic corporations on the planet (AT&T and Cisco), trying to recup the enormous investment made on this joint venture. Keypad volume is twd the bottom of the priorities list right now.
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Re: AT&T Digital Life

STAY AWAY.  THIS SYSTEM IS A JOKE.  Install took 12 hours - installer was confused and lableed location of sensors incorrectly.  This still needs to be corrected.  Tech support is incompetent and obviously untrained. After install, I learn they do not have a duress code option to put in an alternate code if a criminal has a gun to your head when entering your home. The duress code is advertised in their reference guide but tech support said they do not offer that option. When I called ATT Digital tech support, their answer was just let the alarm go off after the 30 second delay and when ATT Digital calls give us a false password name. Well dummy, if you deactivate the system within 20 seconds after alarm sounds they do not call.  So basically they want you to wait 50 seconds.  REALLY!!!!!  ARE THEY KIDDING???????


Second - the KEYPAD VOLUME is unacceptable low.  My wife entered the home recently and did not deactivate the alarm because she did not hear the keypad panel beeping. She thought the alarm system was off and was surprised when the alarm siren sounded.  Of course she put the code in within 20 seconds so there was no followup phone call from ATT Digital.   


This is a POOR security system, borderline false advertising.  I will be canceling this service inside 30 days.  ATT Digital is a JOKE.


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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I am thinking it is very high pricing for equipment and install! $3500.00 for 10 windows, 3 doors, 2 glass break, a smoke and Co2.  Wow! Recent quote from ADT was half and quote from SAFESMART for same equipment is $719.00 with a cheaper monthly fee.  BBB A + rating too! Wow! Rip off. I am checking other other companies before taking the next step here. 

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

Some one is being very dramatic. I just had my service installed and the system was only $329. 3 doors, 12 windows, smoke and carbon monoxide detector and a motion sensor. Something is wrong somewhere on your end.
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ACE - Expert

Re: AT&T Digital Life

Could be a padded quote from a reseller?
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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I have had the system for about four months. I do think its good as a very basic alarm but it can be much, much better. The iphone/ipad app is slow. Seriously slow. Takes about 45 seconds to arm alarm. Online web page sucks. 


The so-called connected programs are not great. The system has capability to be very smart and more automated or user informative. For example:


- capture daily activity to "learn" the user and offer advice such as if alarm is typically set at 7am weekdays but does not set, sent text alert to user

- use motion detector to detect if user is not home and turn down heat or A/C

- announce that doors/open are open, including which door or window is open (when unarmed)

- inform via text or email when certain people (kids) deactivate alarm 

- use garage door sensor to inform when door stays open for extended period of time

- turn on light when garage door is opened

- remind when alarm remains unarmed

- better looking cameras as current cameras look like cheap plastic (don't have them cause of this)

- control pad that is more informative such as visual device status including a touch screen


Will gut this system out for a while. but AT&T really needs to enhance system. It can really be slick. 


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Re: AT&T Digital Life

I'm scheduled for an installation in 2 weeks but having some doubts about the dependability and some on going issues that the system has.  I see that the "chirping" sound is so quiet and I wanted to know if this problem has been corrected?  I contacted AT&T and was told that this has been addressed and no longer an issue but I need some confirmation. As for the camera delay, AT&T has told me that all cameras have a 5 second delay, but it seems to be longer than that with this system.


In your honest opinion, has this system worked out for you or do you have regrets?  If there is anything else I should be aware of, I would greatly appreciate any feedback?

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Re: AT&T Digital Life

We're expecting a baby soon, so we had an install scheduled last week to replace he ADT system. Unfortunately it was a fiasco, culminating in the alarm not being installed properly and the telephone line being cut because they didn't bypass the line seizure.

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