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z998 no email or sms notifications


z998 no email or sms notifications

All the sudden, SMS and Sync notifcations are no longer working. I've changed volume settings, ringtones, turned sounds on and off, vibrate on and off, restarted the phone, pulled the battery, removed battery doctor which can control sounds, disabled battery manager, tried changing sms settings over a dozen times. 


I have an alarm app that the audio works ok on, and all other audio on the phone works, I just can';t seem to hear any sms or gmail notifications, and I really need to be able to change those settings. Anyone?


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Re: z998 no email or sms notifications

I'd also like to add that I don't get vibrate notifications either, regardless of any combination of settings. Anyone have any ideas at all? This is really killing my productivity.

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Re: z998 no email or sms notifications

This seems like it's a setting...the stopwatch makes audio, the volume control makes a feedback sound, internet audio is ok, it's just my timer app, SMS, and my Sync accounts that aren't making any noise.

I'm trying to avoid wiping the phone...

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