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upgrade discount on new phones (Samsung Galaxy S5)


upgrade discount on new phones (Samsung Galaxy S5)

My 2 year contract is up and I'm thinking about waiting for the Galaxy S5 before upgrading.  I'm wondering if there will be an upgrade discount on a brand new phone, and if so, around how much I can expect it to be. 


I know it's hard to guess, but what is AT&T's past history with discounts on phones that just came out - i.e. iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4?  Was there a significant discount?  Thanks.

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Re: upgrade discount on new phones (Samsung Galaxy S5)

Hello devoidzer,
If you plan on signing a new contract, my guess for subsidized pricing would be in the $199 to $299 range, depending on the full cost of the handset.
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Re: upgrade discount on new phones (Samsung Galaxy S5)

Hello @devoidzer0 ,


You can visit to view the current promotions on equipment and service. Hope this helps!

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Re: upgrade discount on new phones (Samsung Galaxy S5)

From what I've seen the upgrade discount is just a thing of the past.  You're still going to end up paying full retail price.    If you use the traditional upgrade plan, then instead of paying $15 for an extra line, the cost of that line goes to $40 per month.  So in my case, I can "upgrade" but now I pay an extra $25/month forever on that line.   If I switch to the Next Program, then I pay anywhere from $20-$40 a month extra.  I might only pay 18 months, or up to 36 months depending on the actual cost of the phone.  Again, it's not like in the past were I just upgraded for about $199 on the phone and no extra charges.  Now, no matter what option I chose, I'm going to have to pay about $25/month.

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