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new phone - fusion 2 questions


new phone - fusion 2 questions

I just got fusion 2


when I opened the back cover, the phone came with a card already inserted.


I am not sure if that is the simcard but I don't think it is as I got a sim card separately in the box.


3 questions:


1. if there is a card in already, is that a sim card? if not, is that the memory card?

2. does fusion 2 come with a memory card? I don't think I have one unless the one already inserted in the phone is the memory card?

3. do I have to insert sim card somewhere? if so where does it go?

4. are there any fusion videos out there?

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Re: new phone - fusion 2 questions

If you check your User Manual, it will tell you exactly where to insert both items, and how to do so.


Ive never heard of a new phone shipping with a MicroSD. Blanks, yes, but not actual MicroSD cards.

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Re: new phone - fusion 2 questions

AT&T Avail ship with 2 GB micro sd card installed. 

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Re: new phone - fusion 2 questions

i had to take mine to a at&t store

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