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my reception is bad - could be my device


my reception is bad - could be my device


My reception is so bad. Most of the time, I cant hear what the other person is saying. But they can hear me. I have changed phones, same problem. but the 2 phones that I tried are both old phones, nokia 2610 and a samsung flip phone.


I think the problem is my device. I have seen people with iphones talk inside an elevator. I cant even talk on the freaking street.


Here is what our plan looks like: 5 lines total. One main line, 4 lines attached to it as a family plan. The main line is an iphone with internet. The other 4 lines as basic, $9.99 lines. My line is one of these.

I want a better phone. Something that was made more recently, these flip phones are old and i guess outdated? I dont know, but I really think the problem is my device.


I would get an iphone, but I dont want to pay for internet. I want to stay with my current plan of $9.99. I have heard if you use a smartphone and att detects that, they will automatically charge you for internet without notice.


So now my question is, when shopping for a phone, how do I know which phone is not a smartphone? where is the line drawn? like I know a flip phone is definitely not a smartphone. If something has touch screen, does that mean it is a smart phone? I want a phone that was made recently, but is not a smartphone.


let me make my question another way: I want a phone that doesn't look like it was made in 1998, but one that is not a smartphone, one that will not cause att to charge me for internet. can you give me a list of phones that meet these requirements?



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Re: my reception is bad - could be my device

Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. 


Honestly, if the problem happened with two different phones; it's likely not the device. Did you happen to use the same SIM card in each phone? If so, the SIM card itself might be the issue. 

You're right in that all smartphones on the AT&T Network require a dataplan. 


Here's a link that will help you pick the right phone for you:


You can filter what phones you see by clicking options on the left hand side of the screen. Since you're not looking for a smartphone, you can select different options in the "Filter by Style" section. 


Hope this helps & welcome to the community!


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Re: my reception is bad - could be my device

so you don't think the problem is the phones? I thought maybe the phones are old and are using "outdated technology" or something like that. one is a nokia 2610, the other one is a samsung flip phone that is intended as a go phone. I am not sure what year they came out, but they are not modern, you know?

is it also true that if the phone has a keyboard, you have to pay a for a texting fee? I dont need a keyboard, I just need a phone that can make and receive calls.

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Re: my reception is bad - could be my device

The Nokia 2610 was Announced in March 2006, released probably a couple months later.

The Samsung was probably Announced sometime in 2006, released probably a couple months later as well.

Even though they are 6 years or so old they would work still unless something has happened to them, and jamileh is correct it may be the simcard, does anyone else that you know that has AT&T service have issues when they are in the same spot as you?.
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Re: my reception is bad - could be my device

I could be that the SIM card is old and won't work properly on the current 3G network. I had a SIM card from 2005 or 2006 and had it replaced when I purchased a new device in 2010.

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