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dumping touchflo?


dumping touchflo?

i'm supposed to get my fuze wednesday or thursday.   Today I went to the AT&T store and played with a fuze for about 20-30 minutes, trying to get use to the interface.  I can tell you one thing, i do NOT like tf3d.   In fact, the closer I can get to the standard windows today interface, the happier I'll be. 


I've seen in  post how to turn off the 3d, but how close does that get me to the tilt's today screen?  Can somebody point me to screen shots or something so I know what to expect?


Does turning off the 3d still leave me with a touchflo interface, just without the 3d effects?  I tell you, if I wanted to drag my fingers all over a screen to make it work, I'd get an Iphone.  I dont, so that's why I liked the tilt with the d-pad.  I have to send my tilt back because it stopped charging, and they can't send me another, so I'd like to make the fuze as close to it as possible


thanks for any help or links you can give me.  I did a search, but I'm a little confused on the difference between touchflowithout 3d, and the standard today screen



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Re: dumping touchflo?

Just turn off the TF3D in Start > Settings > Today > Items and your today screen will be exactly like it is on the Tilt.  You can then go back and enable the plugins you want to use on your "new" today screen.
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Re: dumping touchflo?

perfect, thanks
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