clock in title bar... Fuze


clock in title bar... Fuze

Yesterday the clock in my title bar went from being the numerical style to the circular analog style, but I have no idea how or why. I am not using TF3D, just the today screen 'classic' mode. I can find no settings in the start-settings menu or in the advance config tool to change the clock style or appearance, and I havent seen this kind of clock since my 8525. I do have set to appear in all open programs and to show battery meter (advance config). No where is there a setting for the style of the clock and the little circular one is useless as it is too small to see. How do I fix this? I tried removing Advance Config Tool and soft resetting, but it stayed the same. Thanks in advance...
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Re: clock in title bar... Fuze

Touch and hold the clock icon. A menu will pop ut with an option to select what type of clock you want to see.
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