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Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!


Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

Focus owners please report here if you get the update. You don't have to wait for the notification. Connect your phone to Zune software and check the update from inside Zune.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

The July update? Oh, yeah, you mean the NoDo update.
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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

"I don't recall updates being a SLA in my contract.  So ATT does not owe me or you anything in the form of an update just because someone else got it."


First of all it should be in the SLA, second Microsoft said that we will be getting an update for this phone around frebuary. It is recorded and I can link you to it if you would like. This was said before devices were sold.


Second I purchased my Samsung focus at full reatil price, now this bring me to another sad part about phone companies hurting customers. Since I purchase the phone I full retail price, should it be unlocked.


The phone is working as desinged but Microsfot made it claer that they would make it better with updates over time. Now that microsoft has made and relesed these updates the carrier should move on it and make sure we the consumer get the updates. Actually the carrier should not even be involved, the device is our we paid for it. Even if you got a 2 year contract and got it for $99 trust me you paid for the phone. 


Update bugs, yes it is true that Microsoft and their parner samgsung had trouble making a solid update. However the update did not effect other devices so why did ATT not release the update for those other phones? Look at europe they had the same devices from HTC, LG and others and they released the updates to all of those.


ATT nor Microsoft nor Apple nor anyone can say becuase they tested their updates in a lab that it will not cause problems in the wild. Apple and Google had their shared of bad updates but the number of effected users was similar to what happen with Microsofts update.  Thats why support is there to help right if something happens to our phone during the update it is simply fixed or replaced.


Take a look at windows for example, they have somany diffent types of hardware out there and yet when an update is released it's out there. yes some of those updates may effect a few people but if we dont get updated we will be more prone to hacking and viruses. In this day you cn not have a system with out constently keeping it up todate, it not secure. 

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

Golague I agree with you on most parts.  I am just a phone customer just like you who has found a need for GAL lookup and Copy/Paste a time or two in the past month.


Ok you sound like you are familiar with Windows and Microsoft, so you of all people should know better than to hang on to a delivery date with Microsoft.  Every OS they have delivered has slipped its due date and the ones that didn't well look back on how well those were received.  (Cough) Vista.


As far as full retail price, I have to go with if you were willing to pay that then why didn't you bypass ATT?  Not saying you're at fault, just saying you went to a locked vendor.


I think ATT has to be involved.  That is their network.  I wouldn't want strangers bringing unfamiliar assets and software on my network.  No telling what kind of crap they might infect my system with.  So I understand why they are protecting their interest.


Hard to say why ATT is taking longer than others.  Maybe resources are tied up in the 4G LTE project or who knows what and don't have enought development time to address all pieces of the company.  We do want 4G as well so something has to slide.


Live testing will alway uncover flaws and bugs and vulnerabilities, but you have to do diligence to catch as much as possible before hand.  Otherwise this thread would have looked somewhat differnt in the terms of bashing their testing ability.


Last piece is very true I work in an Enterprise environment where that is goal number one.  Keep the systems up and stable and secure.  But NoDo isn't security related so there is no threat to deploy.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

Being a Captivate user, as stated prior I know this feeling all too well. But, why does no one understand when you buy a branded device you also buy rights to use the branded software load that comes on it? You do not own this. The device yes, the software, no. So while you have the device you have full rights to load any image on it you want, but if you do, do not expect to get support for it, as this is not what AT&T/VeriSuck/Etc sold on it. Anyone that reads these forums I am sure know about how a lot of us Android users did not wait and loaded custom images on ours to get updated. When you say "I bought this PHONE..." you are right, you own the phone itself, but the software build is not yours. You want your AT&T build updated? Only one way that will get done. 


The waiting is terrible, and it always will be. The process that AT&T has to go by will be anyone's guess. But if you stop and think about any/all regulatory requirements they have to satisfy, and it becomes very complex. I feel for you all, and nothing anyone says will make anything seem better, or easier to handle. But complaining here goes no where.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

@pmt1209 wrote:


Nice. As if MS didn't screw these updates up enough AT&T is going to rub salt in the wound.. I don't know about you guys but the iPhone 5 with Verizon is looking like my future..



Great!  Take that plunge and let us know how that works out for you.  I have WP7 and wouldn't trade it for any phone on the market.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

I am not saying that I own Microsfot and ATT and so they need to give me what I want NOW. No I am saying that the way they do things is the wrong way. $500 for a phone is one thing now pay for the service lets say around $80*24= $1920. So what I am saying is that yes I purchased the phone and with out the service and the software it would just be a $500 paper weigth. So since I am paying for a monthly service I should expect to get support part of that support should be these updates.


When you buy a computer and it comes with windows, you dont own windows you own a licence to use windows. However part of owning a licence to windows is getting all service updates. Not for ever but at least for the first few years. After that you replace it anyways and pay again to get the newest computer and you paid another license.


Now since I paid for the brick of a phone and that phone technecly comes with a pruchased license of windows phone operatinng system. (microsoft mayde it public that they would update for free to all windows phones on a regular basis) I should be getting service and updates directly from Microsfot and the Device maker with out having to worry about the carrier. I know this is not true today but it should be, I should be able to take my GSM phone to any carrier I choose since I paid for it. (this is also a law in the united states but so far it only covers sim unlcok) Then since the device is not carrier especific I should get a non carrier ROM for my phone.


Yes I could hack it like I did in windows mobile 6.x or android and install something else but why? Why do I loose support if I don't like the original carrier my device is on. Having the carrier control the updates just does not make sense. If you wanted to install things like u-verse TV te user can still have that choice and just have the app check if the sim card is from the correct carrier.


Yes writing this migth not do anything but someone migth read it and agree that carriers have to much control over their users. One day someone migth do something big [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. today I am will just call and ask ATT why are they not moving on this. Microsoft is being transparent by showing a table but ATT needs to send emails or post something in their site letting us know whats going on. With an actuall timeline and due dates we can relly on.


The main reason ATT could care less if you get these updates is becuase they want you to get tired of your phone. Then go to a store and buy a new one? Why? All of these phone have huge potential hardware wise. Look at the xbox when it was release it looked compleatly different then it does today. Why? Becuase of free software updates. When the hardware brakes then customers go out and buy another. How do they make money? By selling more software as games. How does a carrier make money? By not supporting their product and making users purchase new ones.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

This is BEYOND frustrating. I left iPhone 4 knowing that there were going to be some bumps along the road. I'm done though, and thanks to Verizon I have an option to change back to iPhone. I thought with WP7 being a 'walled garden' that issues like updates fragmentation would not occur, but here I am six months in wishing I never cahnged.


This after being a salesman, a pusher, an absolute believer in the product. Support like this is killing the positvie vibe that WP7 (and in turn ATT) started out of the gate with.

If some users want to call this a "cryfest", so be it. I for one am not going to stand by and hope for the best. Why anyone would is beyond me, there is a clear issue here at the very least with communication or even worse with the OS and carrier.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!


This whole fiasco stinks to the high heavens..  Apple again makes MS look like a 2nd class operation except this time AT&T is adding to the stench..  It's a shame because I had high hopes for WP7, now I have some real concerns, i never in my wildest dreams thought AT&T would block and delay updates for my device.. It really STINKS!!!! 

Microsoft had a hard enough time getting people to look at WP7 but now with all the bad press coming out about update delays and Carriers like AT&T holding it back from the customers what  luster WP7 had is certainly tarnished.. 

Sent from my iPad


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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

It's no secret that AT&T is screwing everyone on this. There's no good reason for them to be delaying this. The saddest part is that there's nothing we (paying customers) can even do about it. Once again, AT&T proves that their customers' cash is way more important to them than providing good service to said customers. This disaster shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, really. What REALLY sucks is that there's NOTHING we can do about this crap.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

Well, if at&t is using other carriers as their testing dept. we may see a status change shortly after other carriers begin deploying.


If I don't see a status change (on the msft site ) a few days after other carriers begin deploying, I may try that 'debranding' registry setting and go for the update. I suspect after that point I can never get the at&t updates, but I'll have written them off at that point. I suppose if I can never use their branded apps, I can't pay them more $ for those add-on services.... 


I know Rogers in Canada has the Focus, so I'll watch their status.


13 months till I have a new carrier.... I wonder if not updating is really worth it to at&t -- I suppose so.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

This post by one of the most prominent Microsoft bloggers, says it all.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

It is still Microsoft's problem because AT&T's behavior is normal for AT&T and predictable. If MS promises something (a timely update for all WP7 users), it needs to forsee and overcome any carrier road blocks. Why Apple can push out iOS 4.3 before schedule and quickly put out a patch shortly after? It's the same AT&T.


It's an epic failure on Microsoft side. There is no one else to blame for. Because of this, I'm seriously re-considering purchase any more WP7 phones. This is from a die hard WM fans who owened nothing but WM phones since WM2003.


If Microsoft continues on this path, I can see most WP fans will bail out. I know MS could care less because they already has Nokia on the hook who can mass produce hundreds of millions of cheap WP7 phones that no one really cares about (just like the hundreds of millions of Nokia phones they produced today).

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

Don't become another iNaive.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

yes the Iphone sucks .. but at least these people get their updates without ATT randomly holding them hostage for MONTHS.

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Re: Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update is live now!

Apparently, somone at XDA has figured out how to force NoDo on the Focus, but unless you have the Chevron tool to unlock the phone, you're in no luck

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