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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T


Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T


Is there any word when Version 10.2 might be available from AT&T for our Q10s?




. . . . .  Pete


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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

Waiting for 10.2.  I've been with AT&T for 15yrs, and its frustrating that they treat BlackBerry customers with such disrespect.

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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

Hey AT&T Tech support 


Denying the 10.2 updates is leaving your customers information vulnerable.  


Dated April 8., 2014.  


BSRT-2014-003 Vulnerability in qconnDoor service affects BlackBerry 10 smartphones?  Blackberry KB35816


This advisory addresses a remote code execution vulnerability that is not currently being exploited but affects BlackBerry® 10 smartphone customers. BlackBerry® customer risk is limited by the inability of a potential attacker to force exploitation of the vulnerability without significant customer interaction or having physical access to the smartphone.


Phones affected by this:  

  • BlackBerry 10 OS versions earlier than version

Phone not affected by this: 

  • BlackBerry 10 OS version and later

Hyperlink to knowledge base : 



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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

To follow up, in the knowledge base article here is the resolution.

BlackBerry has issued a fix for this vulnerability, which is included in BlackBerry 10 OS version This software update resolves this vulnerability on affected BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Update BlackBerry 10 smartphone software to version or later to be fully protected from this issue.
Note: If customers are running a BlackBerry 10 OS earlier than but do not see a software update notification and the smartphone indicates that the software is up to date, customers should contact their wireless service provider to request BlackBerry 10 OS version or later.
For information on how to manage potential risk until the software update is available for all customers, see the Mitigations section of this advisory.
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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

Contact your carrier...on a att forum...that's funny!
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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT

5 months later and still "mellowing" eh Pete.... Do you have any more ***** to feed us loyal Blackberry customers...


AT&T is now the last carrier... the only carrier to not yet roll out the Blackberry OS10.2.1.xxx.   HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME AT&T....


[Inappropriate content removed]

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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

Hey Pete.... Rumor has it that you haven't a clue about a thing regarding the AT&T release of the next Blackberry OS version... and just like to appear as improtant in this blog....
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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

Nimrod81 wrote: you haven't a clue about a thing regarding the AT&T release of the next Blackberry OS version

N,   True...which is why I started this thread. 


Apparently nobody has a clue; at least, not thus far.


We're all trying to "learn by finding out" (to paraphrase Mark Twain).


. . . .  Pete


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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

For a very quick and clear idea of what AT&T thinks of us Blackberry users, take a look at the right sidebar. When I am on this forum, which discusses an issue with AT&T's treatment of Blackberry customers, I see four offers - two for an iPhone, and two for Samsung Galaxy phones. Nice.


Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the OS release from our amazing carrier - now officially behind every third-world carrier on the planet! (yes, that does include Verizon)

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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

Well, I just called for the 2nd time today and registereda complaint about this issue.  I am still getting the same line.  "It's in testing."  I am about ready to dump the whole lot of it and go with another carrier.  This is garbage.  Every communication service I have is with att and it is like pulling teeth to get anything done.  I spend more time on the phone with att "customer support" than do I with anyone else.  I have also noticed they don't send me the surveys to fill out after I call anymore.  I guess they know they REALLY don't want to hear my answers to that. 


I doubt I will finsh my current contract.  You can switch to that share plan to get yourself out of any contract and then switch with no cancelation fee. Hopefully those of us that choose to leave will make things better for those that stay. 

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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

"In testing" is.an improvement, they used to not know anything about it.
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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

So  went ahead and used Sachesi to upgrade to .2228


Took little time and afterwards side loaded Snap  2.0 which is a Google Play client. Currently running about 25 Andoid apps and loving it. Not giving up BB 10 because AT&T. Quite possibly the reverse.



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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

Got 10.2.1 OTA on AT&T Z10 today

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ACE - Guru

Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T



Update is live.  I was already running (OS  But this one from AT&T is actually slightly newer - (OS


From Crackberry, I already plugged in the numbers to pull the bar files off the production server using Sachesi, but I've decided on updating directly through Link this morning instead.


I will say, thank you, AT&T.

- Joel
Award for Community Excellence 2019 Achiever*
*I am not an AT&T employee, and the views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

I just checked for updates on AT&T and found nothing.  Are you sure you got your update through AT&T?

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Re: Version 10.2 avail when w/AT&T

For the record with respect to AT&T and BlackBerry, I just got a multi-page promotional brochure from AT&T and it prominently and favorably promotes the BlackBerry Q10 with details and photo.

It was nice to see.

. . . . . Pete
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