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Using the same SIM for LG Incite and Blackjack?


Using the same SIM for LG Incite and Blackjack?

I'm seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on the new LG Incite. But even if I do, I'll miss the proven durability of the Samsung Blackjack. Since I have the unlimited data plan and they are both Smartphones, would I be able to swap the SIM card as I needed between them?

I'd like to use the Blackjack for biking, camping and other activities where it's proven to be nearly EXTREMELY durable. (I cant' count how many times it's accidently been dropped and worked like a champ when I put the battery back in it.) But still be able to use the Incite for regular use.....
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Re: Using the same SIM for LG Incite and Blackjack?

Yes, only the sim card is activated, not the phone itself. Personally, I change phones on a somewhat regular basis, depending on where I need to go that particular day and sometimes I just do it simply because I can. Smiley Wink

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