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Use GPS without paying to att "data conection"


Use GPS without paying to att "data conection"

Hello, Excuseme for my English Smiley Happy

I have a HTC Fuze with 700 min plan and unlimited text sms. I have called att technical support to disable "Data Conection" so I cannot have acces to internet if I am not connected to a wifi network, and I also I have disabled the AGPS settings in my HTC Fuze ... In conclusion:


1.Data Service conection from at&t = Disable (by phone)

2.AGPS in my HTC Fuze Phone = Disable (by my self, in Start>Settings>System>AGPS Settings>unchecking the box)


Now, the question is: I have Tomtom Navigator 7 GPS software installed in my HTC Fuze and works great but I dont know If using this software and having Data and AGPS service disable .. Do I have to pay something to att? because I think I am using the GPS without Data conection, or anything that have to conet to att ... uhmm


I dont know if you understand my question ... in sinple question ... Can I use the GPS in my HTC Fuze withot paying att?


Thanks Smiley Wink and sorry for my English.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Use GPS without paying to att "data conection"

Yes you can use the GPS in the fuze without a data connection and without paying anything to AT&T.


You have everything set up correctly to avoid using data, and TomTom does not utilize data for providing maps.  The maps are a part of the TomTom software.

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Re: Use GPS without paying to att "data conection"

Thank you to answer me so fast Smiley Happy
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Re: Use GPS without paying to att "data conection"

Does this also work with BlackBerry devices?  Is there a similar app and how would I go about getting it?
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