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Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10


Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

I receive the unlock code but when I enter to the attallaccess only apears two options, one to activate a montly att activation and other to activate a att prepaid. I dont see the option to unlock the LTE. I am using Windows 10 PRO and I am in Peru.

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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

Hi there @Mpjean,

Thank you for visiting our Community Forum's. Having your device unlocked offers many benefits! I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing trouble with getting this done. It's my pleasure to help!

I definitely want to take a look into your unlock request. Can you please send me a private message to @ATTCares including any details regarding this unlock? Thanks so much for your time.

I look forward to working with you! Have a wonderful day.

Jess, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

The same thing has happened to me with my surface. I’m in the US and I received a unlock code from ATT I believe it’s a 16 digit number but I don’t know where I can type it in. I have put different SIM cards in my device and they show the carrier but say no service if I putt an ATT Sim it works just fine and I tried the app but I only have the 2 activate options. Can you please assist me as well?

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‎02-04-2018 10:42 AM

Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

I had windows 10 in my surface. I download from the microsoft webpage the original windows 8 image and then I installed the original windows 8 and then I enter to the attallaccess application with my local simcard provider in Peru and appears the option to enter the unlock code from att. After that I can use my local simcard provider and I proceed to upload to the windows 10 without problems.
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ACE - Sage

Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10


Thank you for posting the solution.  It should have been posted on the public forum by ATT Support.  Apparently it’s top secret 🙄.   

Hopefully others will find your post if they have the same question.


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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

Thank you for the reply.
So the only way to get it unlocked is to downgrade to windows 8, do you
have to buy a license for windows 8? Then upgrade back to windows 10, will
all my settings and apps remain the same through this whole process?

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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

You need a format the windows 10 that mean you will lost the configuration and data stored in your surface. You need a do a backup of your data before downgrade to windows 8. If you use the original operative system for the surface you will not enter any windows product key the new installation detect the original product key but you need the product key to return to windows 10. Before format you surface you can copy the product key of the windows 10. You can find the producedure browsing in the internet.
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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10


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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

I followed MS instructions and could not get my S3 AT&T to recover from the recovery USB: volume down + power button... Select US, Use a device, USB... then it would get back to the same selection process
I have two S3 AT&T tablets and got the prompt for unlock code on one within the generic Windows 8.1 pro. 
It was a 5.xx.xx version of AT&T Communication manager/All Access.  I have since wiped the tablet and installed Windows 10 on it.  I didn't document how I got it installed as I had tried install/uninstall of quite a few versions and repeatedly.
Since then I have failed to load the same version of the utility on my other S3 (it appears only downloadable/installable for Windows 10) and failed to get any other version to produce the prompt for unlock code.  I hope the 8.1 recovery image contains the version that will prompt for unlock code.

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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

I just managed to restore from the Microsoft Windows 8.1 image for my S3, and see AT&T AllAccess version included.  Yet the utility still does not prompt for unlock code (with a T-Mobile sim inserted that the OS can detect).  I am trying some other things now.




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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

I am trying to do the same thing with a Surface 3 I am working with. Have you made any progress over the past few days? Do you know what version of the AT&T AllAccess/Communications Manager is required for the unlock code prompt to appear? And if you have gotten it working, is there any chance you can link the specific Windows image used?

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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

Finally AT&T AllAccess included in the Microsoft Surface 3 Windows 10 recovery image worked for me.  It's 4.1.0.xxx, which I never saw available anywhere else.   Some notes:


1. The problem of resetting using a USB recovery image was resolved (I tried both Windows 8/10 images) after I saw this helpful link:


There was some variation between Windows 8/10, esp. in step 11, and something unexpected in step 13 that appeared risky and serious.  I didn't document those as I was trying different things quickly.  I took the best guess as to a safe next step... knowing I could always fall back on an OS install USB that I had prepared and proved working.


2. Toward the end of resetting with this Microsoft image, I skipped sim/WiFi setup.  After the completion and Windows was on, I inserted my T-Mobile sim (without any pin attached/saved), searched for and opened AT&T AllAccess app in windows.   There then appeared a prompt for unlock code.  I am not sure about the app's behavior if done a different way.




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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

Thank you!
The stock AT&T Windows 10 recovery image from Microsoft's download page prompted for the unlock code. It was asking for a 10 digit code, but the code I had was approximately twice that long. I input the full code I received anyway and it worked immediately.

There was no indication that it was successfully unlocked, but it was able to connect to the network afterward.

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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

Can you help me pls???? I download the default image from the webpage of microsoft for the surface 3 AT&T, but dont include the program AT&T All Access and if I install from the webpage don't work, please some advice, i download from here the image


Then i put the model and serie of the surface and send me this "Surface 3 LTE - 64GB 2GB (AT&T) - Windows 10 Version 1511", download and install but don't have the program(AT&T AC) and i can unlock my surface, i tried everything and nothing, PLSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Unlock Surface 3 with Windows 10

Since the downloaded image (applicable to the specific LTE tablet) worked for me and someone else after me, I would suggest checking the following:

1. whether the restore from the image is successful (probably by checking the windows 10 version and updates and presence/absence of applications)

2. search for AT&T AllAccess or anything associated with AT&T in windows 10

3. whether Microsoft has since replaced the image with one that does not include AT&T AllAccess.  This is just to find out why you don't see AT&T AllAccess.


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