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Tilt - Outlook Syncing


Tilt - Outlook Syncing

I've successfully set up my Tilt phone to sync with my work (Outlook) e-mail address via the Exchange Server.  Everything is syncing well, but unfortunately the messages disappear from the phone a few days after viewing them.  Is there a way to retain the messages on the phone until they are deleted/archived?  Basically I want my Tilt's Outlook inbox to look exactly like the inbox at work on Outlook.  Thankfully the messages aren't being deleted, rather they just don't show up on my phone.


My Yahoo and Hotmail messages appear on my phone until I delete them, but not my Outlook messages.  I'm using Outlook 2007 (12.0.X) for what it's worth.


Thanks for any advice!

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Re: Tilt - Outlook Syncing

The default retention time is three days. To change that...


One way -


From the outlook inbox select Menu...Tools...Options


Select Outlook Email


Tap Next twice


Select E-mail and then tap the Settings button


Change your retention settings by using the dropdown next to 'Download the Past:'



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Re: Tilt - Outlook Syncing

Thanks fishbuzz!  Your solution worked perfectly.  I had trudged through most of the menus, but I had missed one step...I didn't realize that you could click on "E-mail" (or "Contacts", "Calendar", etc.) and then change the settings via the "Settings" button.
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