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The Sidekick!!


The Sidekick!!

I never owned a Sidekick,I know is a T-mobile exclusive,but I've been always curious about having one.I really like how it looks and Im a message person.I wonder if any of you had one,to have some feedback about it. Some thoughts?Smiley Happy
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Re: The Sidekick!!

The main problem with the Sidekick isn't just on T-Mobile's side, but Danger's side as well.

All data sent from a Sidekick is routed through the Danger/T-Mobile servers to optimize it for the phone. Web, MMS, AIM, and so on.

Theoretically even if data worked on a Sidekick, you'd somehow have to get it to authenticate to the Danger/T-Mo servers, which I highly doubt could happen. And the server specs aren't really out there from what I've seen - so there'd be no way of running your own server.
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