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Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760


Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

Debranding my Sony Ericsson w760 has had several benefits:
  1. Option to turn off startup video
  2. Shortcut menu tied to MEdia Net key
  3. Built-in & free Google Maps can access GPS
  4. Browser home page can be changed
  5. Home menu has more useful layout
  6. Email with Exchange ActiveSync
  7. Some cool built-in apps
  8. More ringtones built-in
  9. RSS feeds
However, streaming audio (Internet radio) no longer seems to work. I can't install AT&T MobiRadio, and somafm.com doesn't play. The model has become a w760i from a w760a before debranding, so AT&T Mall apps aren't "compatible."  I expect that once Pandora becomes available, it will also seem "incompatible."  I wonder if I have a setting wrong somewhere for Streaming or Internet.  I used the settings service provided by Sony Ericsson, but there's something not right.

Would someone with a still-AT&T-branded w760 please tell me the default settings for Internet, Streaming, etc.?  They are not viewable directly, but I found out you can get to them indirectly via the USB submenu: Settings → USB → Data Accounts → [Options Button] View
I remember there were ~4: MEdia Net, AT&T ISP, and 2 others I can't remember.  Also, are there special "SIP" settings ("User address", "Proxy server", "Registrar server" )?  What is "SIP"? 

Also, does anybody know how to get Pandora or other good Internet radio onto a debranded w760?   (Also, I don't think Pandora is available yet for the AT&T Sony Ericsson w760a.)

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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

I searched for days for an answer to this problem. After trying a number of things, I have found a way to resolve this. There is a file called customizable.xml that has a setting in the AT&T branded phones that is missing in the unbranded phones. The setting can be added with another file called customize_upgrade.xml. I created this file with the following contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Once you have this file, you have to upload it to tpa/preset/custom. To do this you need to use special software to access the GDFS of your phone. The software needed may be different depending on the phone you have. I have a W890 which is an A2 phone. So I used a program called A2 Uploader, which can be found here: http://forums.se-nse.net/index.php?showtopic=35439.

Once I uploaded the file, I simply restarted my phone and streaming worked (orb, youtube).

Good luck!
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

Wow, that is impressive research.  I amnew to this stuff and have gotten a 760a recently.  I am wondering how you found out how to do this change.  Also, what else can be restored from the AT&T suite after debranding?  Can CV and/or OZ be restored?   
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

Wow. Amazing find. It works! For anybody who runs into the same confusion point I did, in order to copy the file just drag the customize_upgrade.xml file into the tpa/preset/custom directory window in A2Uploader.

Thanks!! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

@w760a wrote:
I am wondering how you found out how to do this change.

I did a lot of looking at various post and was able to compare the settings of an at&t phone vs my settings. I made an educated guess as to what was missing that would be essential to streaming.

@w760a wrote:
Can CV and/or OZ be restored?

Probably can. You can use this link for CV: http://cingularvideo.cingular.com?source=dm
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

I  have a branded 760a but the menu choices you indicate do not lead me to the information you are requesting. 
For example, there is no Settings → USB.    There is a Settings→ Connectivity → USB→ USB Network → USB Data Accounts.    In this case the USB Data Account selected is AT&T IMS and the INFO says this is for connecting you PC and Phone.   
Note that you can get to the same menu of 4 items via other option in Connectivity→ Streaming Settings that may be more promising.  For the Streaming Settings there is an option called "Connect Using" which is set to "MEdia Net".  If you select this option is shows 2 tabs Mobile Connections and Local Connections.  The Mobile Connections has the 4 things you seem interested in.  They are 
  • MEdia Net (i.e the selected option for Connect Using under Streaming Settings)
  • Software Update
  • AT&T IMS (i.e. the selected option for USB Network→ Data Accounts) 
  • AT&T ISP
The Options key is present for these 4 items.  For all but AT&T IMS, Options reveals choices of only the following  
  • View
  • Create New
  • Delete ("grayed out" )
The AT&T ISP choice has an additional feature on the option key - Edit.  Also, the Delete is not grayed out -- it is active.  
If you press View under any option you see something titled Account Information.  For the AT&T ISP option there is a lot of stuff: APN, Username, Password, Login request, etc.  Most is set to blank, 3 dots (...) or "off.  If you look at View under the active Option of MEdia Net, the Account information only has 2 entries
  • Name: MEdia Net
  • External ID: 1 
This is similar for MEdia Net, Software Update and AT&T ISP but with external IDs of 2 and 4 respectively.  I could not find anything else to relate to this External ID.
You also asked about SIP Settings.  This is also a choice under Connectivity and there are 3 entries:
  • User address
  • Proxy Server
  • Registrar server.
They have blank entries except for a port number of 5060 in the Proxy and Registrar server entries. 
If you are still interested in more information, I am willing to walk through each setting with you as it appears on my phone.  Let me know what else you may be interested in.

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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

Thanks to all!
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

you mention a menu tied to the mediaNet key...what are the options on that menu?  Will it allow you to switch between active applications...like say on Media Net,  can you go to create a text message and then go to another application from there and then go back to the original MediaNet session witout lossing it?
Also, who did the debranding for you and how did you pick the version of the software to use? 
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

I can watch YOUTUBE on my debrand W760 now, but CV still doesnt work on my phone. is there any solution for it? excepting flash back to ATT
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

I just purchased a W760a a few days ago, and debranded it today.  Got everything configured up to work pretty well and overall really happy with the debrand... CV absolutely won't work... which didn't surprise me.

One thing that did surprise me tho... I can't even stream from youtube. I'll get to the video, click on it... it will connect to the media server and then get stuck at 0% buffering.  What's the deal?  anyone else have this issue?
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

See the post above by brennt. Smiley Happy

You have to use A2 Uploader to upload a text file to the phone per his instructions. Create a new text file, copy/paste the commands he has there, save the file as customize_upgrade.xml. Then drag/drop it in the directory he references using A2 Uploader. This fixes youtube and video streaming in general. It won't restore AT&T's own CV service though but you'll have all other streaming video working.
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

Did you use a service to debrand and if so, which one and what flash software version did you pick?
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

sweet, used the a2 uploaded and created the customize xml file.... worked like a charm.  I'm so happy.. .thanks guys!!!

W760a -

I used davinciteam (http://davinciteam.us/index.html) to do it.  Its like $13 and I had no idea what I was doing, so they made it easy.  Also their directions are wrong for one part.  It says to hold "c" and plug in the phone.  you actually have to hold "5" and plug in the phone (that's somewhere in their website, but that info took me forever to find).

the file I used to flash to my phone was named something along the lines of Customized USA Intense Black or something.  it was the only generic USA firmware they had.

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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

w760a, it was exactly the same for me. I used davinci team and fumbled my way through the options and picked the only generic USA selection there was. Also added the customized xml file via A2 Uploader and it fixed the video.
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Re: Streaming Audio, Other Issues with Debranded w760

so since we got the streaming video working... any change of a customization file to all medianet access to make purchases from the phone. i dont care if i have an icon, going to the webpage manually is fine but being able to purchase and install games and software is what I am interested in.
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