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Spam text messages?


Spam text messages?

Not sure who to ask about this.

I bought a BB Curve 8310 last Monday 11/24. Pretty much since it was activated, I have been receiving text messages from a sender '3020', with the text 'Mobile EmailOZMAIL CI=..." and a string of alphanumeric characters. I receive several of these per day. I've been an AT&T customer for years, and never saw these things on my previous phone, so I assume it has something to do with the BlackBerry.

They're just annoying and I want them gone. Does anyone know how I might filter them? Is there a universal opt-out word I can text back, since these appear to be computer generated and I doubt anyone is monitoring the 3020 account? Is this something I'll need to contact AT&T Support about?

Thanks for any info!
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Re: Spam text messages?

It's not spam.  Search here or at BlackberryForums.com for OZMail.  It's not an uncommon issue for people coming from another device to the BB.  You forgot to kill some service on the old device before switching over.
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Re: Spam text messages?

Had the same problem. You've got to deregister your e-mail account(s) on your old phone. My local ATT store did this for me--worked like a charm.
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Re: Spam text messages?

Thank you both for your help!
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