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Sim unlock


Sim unlock


I bought a htc one X from ebay the other day for use in Kenya.

I have tried to purchase an unlock code from several vendors but they all say that the phone is too new or manufacturer refurbished

I really need to use this phone, so can anyone please tell me how do I go about getting an unlock code from  AT&T.

Any input, any idea is highly valued.

Thank all of you

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Re: Sim unlock

What the unlock services are telling you is correct. Since the One X is new, and exclusive to AT&T, they will not provide an unlock code for it.

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Re: Sim unlock

Several ebay retailers are selling the codes and judging by the response they get, they actually issue the codes and they work. For example: So am wondering if AT&T will give me the unlock code. **also note that am not an at&t customer, matter of fact I have never been to the US of A
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