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Should I buy:: Samsung S4 active or Apple Iphone 5?


Should I buy:: Samsung S4 active or Apple Iphone 5?

I am eligible for a upgrade soon and I am trying to decide between the Samsung s4 active and the Apple 5-- which is a better phone? thanks

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Re: Should I buy:: Samsung S4 active or Apple Iphone 5?

Is not about which phone is better, but rather which phone would suite you more. If you get a phone that you can't enjoy, what's the whole point behind it to get the phone.

You want to answer the following question.
1. Do you prefer ease of use of the phone?
2. Do you want a better typing phone?
3. What is your primarily use of the phone.

Hope this help you make a decision of which phone to get.
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Re: Should I buy:: Samsung S4 active or Apple Iphone 5?

Windows - Iphone -Android


In the order, it goes from easiest to use, to most customizable


Android has the attitude 'The more you know/use, the more you can do' It's expected you spend a significant time messing aroudn with it.


Windows tries to be the most plug-&-play, it doesn't have quite the app variety, but they are powerful.


Iphone tries to be the most in-between and smoothest option. In fact you pay extra for the phone and apps, because Apple has a lot of requirements to ensure they work smooth and with the minimum of glitches. Features, like nearby-phone picture sharing take longer to come out, because Apple is spending that extra time and money .



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Re: Should I buy:: Samsung S4 active or Apple Iphone 5?

Personally, I would strongly recommend considering getting the iPhone 5 vs. the S4 Active. I'm not sure if the S4 Active experiences as many issues as I have read about with the regular S4, but in my opinion, it's not worth the headache. I have been using my iPhone 4 for almost two years and have never had a major problem with it. Same goes for my family members and their iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S). iPhones are well-renowned for their reliability, and that is 100% worth it to me. Based on my personal observations, it's not surprising that every 4 out of 5 iPhone users upgrade to another iPhone model.

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