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Service keeps cutting out


Service keeps cutting out

My service keeps on cutting out. It happens alot at home, but also happens throughout the area that I live. Its like there are dead zones.

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Re: Service keeps cutting out

I am just wondering if there is any solution to fixing this problem. I really dont want to switch service

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Re: Service keeps cutting out

Hi @randerson72 


There is a few things that could be causing your network issues. The first thing I recommend is getting a new SIM card for your device. You can get one of these free of charge from any AT&T Company store. Also at the store, they can reseach your area to ensure there is no network issues in your area. 


You can find your nearest AT&T Comany Store by clicking Here


Hope this helps!

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Re: Service keeps cutting out

I just got a new SIM card and my reception still sucks. Anyway to fix this?
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Re: Service keeps cutting out

they are going to tell you to go to the nearest location and have them see if there are any maintenance issues in your area. I did this yesterday and of course there were none, it is just the location of the towers being to far from my home. ?THEN, they are going to try and sell you this special piece of equipment that you can only use if you have internet. ?I am done with my service and will be switching as soon as this plan is up. They advertise that they have the best coverage.......but i am not seeing that
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