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I was playing around with my phone yesterday and came across something that said to enter my SIMPIN. I had no idea what this was. It's an 8 digit code and I tried a few things I thought it might have been. Now my phone is locked. Obviously, this wasn't one of my smarter moves, I should have left it alone. But anyway, now I can't get into my phone, which is proving problematic. 


Here's what happens when I turn my phone on:


A little message block pops up and says: "SIM Blocked"

It gives me the option to "Unlock" which then takes me a block titled: "PIN1 Unblock Code"

The PIN1 Unblock Code is supposed to be 8 digits long and it accepts any combination, the problem is the next 2 screens

After entering in any 8 digit code combo, I am taken to a screen that says: "Enter New SIM PIN"

Once again, any combo is accepted

Then I am taken to a new screen that says: "Re-enter New SIM PIN"

Now, logically, I feel that it should accept the same 8 digit code I just entered, but of course it doesn't.

Instead a little message pops up that says: "Code invalid. Try again."

Then I am taken back to the original SIM Blocked screen.


Any help? AT&T stores aren't open on Sundays and neither is their customer service hotline. It's pretty important that I get my phone in working order ASAP as this is my only form of communication (I don't have a home line).


Thanks in advance to any advice that you can give me! 

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM


1-800-331-0500 - 24/7 customer support
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I need to talk to an operator and there aren't any there if you call that number. Only a small list of automated options (such as paying your bill) are available. Thank you for your help though!
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Hit "0"  at the first prompt and then hit "0" again at the second - you will get to a CSR -

You do not have to listen to the automated menu.

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