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Question on WiFi vs. Data Plan access


Question on WiFi vs. Data Plan access

Hi, I am still a llittle confused about this topic, so I hope you can calrify how things work for me.  I have a Tilt2 with Data Plan, but I think this is more of a generic question.


When I am somewhere that has no WiFi, in order for me to access Internet, get weather, stock quotes, etc., I have to have Phone and Data Connection on.Correct?


Plus it seems Data Connection will turn on, on its own, when needed. Correct?


If I am somewhere with access to WiFi, I need to have WiFi turned on of course; will the phone automatically use WiFi if its connected to it, or does Data Connection have to be turned off to not go thru the 3G Network?


In short, I am confused about the relationship between 3G, Data Connection, and WiFi.  If you could explain how the phone should be set up so that when connected to WiFi it uses WiFi for all its Internet data, I would appreciate it. Or point me to an explanation on the Internet, I was not able to find one. Thanks!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Question on WiFi vs. Data Plan access

It's really quite simple.

If you have Wi-Fi turned on and are within range of a Wi-Fi access point, the phone will use Wi-Fi to access the Internet.  The only exception is for MMS messages or other features/apps that require cellular data access. 


You can turn off cellular data, I'm sure someone here can tell you how to do that on your device) and only access data when you have Wi-Fi access.  Then you can control when you are using cellular data by toggling cellular data on and off when YOU want to.

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Re: Question on WiFi vs. Data Plan access

OK, thanks for the explanation!

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