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Pantech P6010 USB Drivers


Pantech P6010 USB Drivers

Does ANYONE know where I can find a USB driver for my Pantech P6010?  I want to get pictures off of my phone.

PLEASE HELP -- I have been searching and can't find any.

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Re: Pantech P6010 USB Drivers

Hello.  I have a Pantech P6010.  To get pictures off my phone, i EMAIL MYSELF from the phone.  It costs 30 cents per picture since I don't have any data plans whatsoever.  Here is how you do it.

1.  Go to your Contacts (address book). 

2.  Click "ADD" button.  Enter AAEmailMe as name (this puts you at top of list in address book starting with AA), and your email address ( in the "email" line of the new contact page.  Click "SAVE" button when done.

3.  Get back to main menu, then go to MESSAGES.  Hit "NEW" button.  "TAP" to address:  Select "AAEmailMe" then "OK". 

4.  Click "INSERT" button at bottom.  Choose "MY PICTURE".  Scroll through photos and touch the one you want to send to yourself (you can add more to same message after you do the first picture).   Click "SELECT".

5.  Repeat Step 4 to add pictures to your message.  I don't k now the limit, it depends on how big pictures are and so forth.  It will tell you when you have reached the limit.

6.  Click "SEND".  Picture(s) will be sent to your email inbox.  Charges will appear on your next bill.  If you have the $20 or $30 unlimited text plan, it will cost you nothing.
Good Luck! Geneva

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Re: Pantech P6010 USB Drivers



i have the pantech 7000 and the pc suite is useless and no updates have been available.


my workaround if you have a card reader insert your memory card to the card reader and copy files from there to your memory card and when done put the memory card back into your phone.


thats how i do it and get my pic's, music etc.


hope that helps!


southern belle

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Re: Pantech P6010 USB Drivers

The PT-6010 USB drivers are bundled with the PC Suite software program.. Download PC Suite from the website and install it (this may take awhile both to download since it's abt 144MB and to install).  Do NOT connect you phone during installation of the PC Suite program.. Once PC Suite is installed, launch it and then connect your phone.  Windowws 7 or Vista will then automatically detect the phone and search of the newly installed USB drivers on your computer (I suggest also clicking "stop looking for updated driver from Windows Update, to save time).  The computer will eventually find the drivers, install them, and notify you that the "device is ready".


The phone may ask you how you wish to connect to the PC; I select "Mass Storage", and then dismiss the screen.  The phone must be at the middle "idle" screen (date/time) before PC Suite will connect to it.  When PC Suite is connected, the status on the bottom of it's windows will say "connected".  Then, launch File Manager, and it will display the phone memory folders in the Phone panel.  I have not figured out a way yet to display the phone's external memory card (microSD) in PC Suite, so that is not obvious.  But you can then browse the "Desktop - Library" music/pictures/documents folders in the PC panel.  You can then click on a file, and either drag it to the desired Phone folder or click on the "To Phone" button in the File Manager tool bar.


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