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Pantech Link II USB Drivers Needed


Pantech Link II USB Drivers Needed

I just received my Pantech Link II and was pretty anxious to get it started. However, when it was time to try to hook it up to my computer to add some songs to it or maybe even upload some images to it, it would not let me. Kept giving me erros and my Windows 7 OS Update couldn't find any drivers for it. Has anybody been successful in finding the correct Drivers for the Pantech Link II for Windows 7? If so, can you please provide any safe, legit links to them? It's pretty much a bummer when you can't really upload anything to this phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time. 

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Re: Pantech Link II USB Drivers Needed

Ok never mind, I finally found their PC Suite, downloaded it and it seems to be working fine with my phone and Windows 7.

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Re: Pantech Link II USB Drivers Needed

I'm having same problem you originally posted -- how did you solve it.  My Pantech Link II came with a USB cord but no disk and tutorials say nothing about connecting to my pc to download photos, music, etc.

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Re: Pantech Link II USB Drivers Needed

This link here is to the Pantech Link II site I got the PC Suite for my Pantech Link II. Just click the 'DOWNLOAD' button next to where it says 'PC Suite' and install. You can also download the manual in PDF just above the PC Suite download button.


I personally learned more on how to use my Pantech Link II at the AT&T site with more detailed tutorials found here. Hope that helps and good luck with your Pantech Link II. 



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