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Pantech, AT& T and Emergency Calls


Pantech, AT& T and Emergency Calls

My mother has a Pantech flip phone.  She is getting an "Emergency Calls Only" on her screen and can't use her phone.   I learned she was actually in an emergency situation; but because she could not use before she did not bother trying to use it. 


Can someone give me some information about what this means?  I googled it and several posts from other people with the same problem came up.  Is this problem within the AT & T network?



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Re: Pantech, AT& T and Emergency Calls

"Emergency calls only" should mean (a) there's no SIM card in the phone, (b) there's no active service, or (c) there's no signal reception.  In all three cases, the phone will not even attempt to call any number other than an emergency number like 911.  For (a) and (b), it should dial emergency numbers.  For (c), it might try, but it would do no good.


Assuming there is an active SIM, the service is in good standing, and there's decent signal coverage, there are a few possible causes.


The first thing to try is to remove and reinsert the SIM card to make sure there's a good connection.


It's relatively unlikely that the SIM card is damaged or defective, but it's possible.  The next step would probably be to either have the SIM replaced at a corporate AT&T store or to use a second phone to test the SIM.


The device could be faulty.  You may need to pursue warranty, insurance, or other replacement options.


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Re: Pantech, AT& T and Emergency Calls

Ok thank u
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