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Nokia 6085h - is there any way to get one unlocked?


Nokia 6085h - is there any way to get one unlocked?

Is there any way at all to get a Nokia 6085h unlocked?


I recently decided to ditch the V-word and go with a GSM prepaid phone.  A regular AT&T wireless customer generously donated her old phone, an AT&T-branded Nokia 6085h.


I want to use this 6085 with a different,soon-to-be-acquired-by-AT&T carrier's prepaid service.  I already bought the SIM card.  The problem is, I can't use it.  When I put in my (non-AT&T) SIM in the Nokia 6085h, it says "Phone Restricted."


Naturally, I have no idea what the unlock code would be.  I don't want to guess or "try" unknown codes, since I would only have 3-5 tries before bricking the phone.


I called AT&T customer service today, but they said they didn't have the unlock code for this phone.  I don't understand how that's possible, given the phone was sold by AT&T in the first place.


I also looked online.  The free unlocking sites don't cover this model.  The pay unlocking sites either can't do it at all, or want way too much.  For less than the $50 they charge, I could simply buy a different phone.


A local unlock shop said they couldn't do it either.



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Re: Nokia 6085h - is there any way to get one unlocked?

I found an answer to my own question.  It's "YES," if...


The "if" is that you must have the original owner of the phone contact AT&T to request an unlock.  It appears that AT&T's "unlock" computer will not give out the code to anyone but the original purchaser of the phone.  That is why the AT&T agent I spoke with, though willing to help, was unable to give me the unlock code.


This is an entirely understandable security measure.  Were I an AT&T customer, I wouldn't want them giving out the unlock code to just any Thomas, Richard, or Harold.


The original purchaser of the Nokia 6085h contacted AT&T on my behalf in the meantime, and has relayed to me that AT&T will send her the unlock code by April 18th.


This, then is the answer: The *original purchaser* of the phone must request the unlock, or AT&T can't help you.

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Re: Nokia 6085h - is there any way to get one unlocked?

Finally got the unlock code today.  It worked!  So - yes, you definitely CAN unlock a Nokia 6085h, provided you can get the original owner to submit an unlock request to AT&T.


Very cool of AT&T to cooperate like this.  Verizon never unlocks anything for anyone, as far as I know.

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Re: Nokia 6085h - is there any way to get one unlocked?

I was a customer for years,after loosing job I had to down size and went to a go phone with AT&T. Nokia 6085h.Things got worse so I gave

up the cell phone and cancled.Now I have the opportunity to get a sim card for $15.00 that will work with the 6085h.(I kept the phone) I called AT&T and asked for the unlock code.I am the origanal owner.They got back to me and said I had to have completed 6mos. of service.I had completed more than 6mos.Is there another way of getting code?I'm really bumed,miss my cell phone.



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