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Lumia 640 XL has no protective cases


Lumia 640 XL has no protective cases

Please direct me to one or more Lumia 640 XL protective case (e.g., Otterbox, etc.)? Belt clip too would be nice.  I am starting to live that a number of the "apps" I had on Android and iPhone are not available but not having accessories, I am starting to wonder if I chose the wrong phone. Day after I purchase this phone Microsoft announces that 7,000 Windows phone employees are being let loose.


At&t Please help direct on this Lumia 640 XL smartphone accessory issue please.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Lumia 640 XL has no protective cases

Hi @rmcvicar


We currently offer two cases for the Nokia Lumia 640 XL. We have the Incipio Dual Pro and the Microsoft Flip Folio case. Alternatively, you may wish to check out Microsoft’s offerings here.


I hope this helps!




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Re: Lumia 640 XL has no protective cases

I was able to find a few cases and a leather holster at a local shop for my 640XL here in Morganton NC. The case and holster we $25 total. I felt like I needed something on the phone just so it wouldn't slip out of my hands. Bad thing is due to the size the holster tends to get snagged on thing at work. Amazon has more options and they have cases with belt clips that I would love to try. Several of the ones I bought for my Lumia 920 I broke the belt clips off of really easily. Check them out anyway, you might find something you like and can use, specially if you're not as hard on them as I am.
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Re: Lumia 640 XL has no protective cases

I bought a couple of different cases on Amazon, make sure you specify 640xl and not just a 640, they are different in size.

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