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Issues pairing e71x to LG HFB-500 hands free car kit


Issues pairing e71x to LG HFB-500 hands free car kit

I was hoping to transition from my Jawbone to the LG HFB-500 hands free car kit, but I cannot get my Nokia e71x to search for this device, or, if it is searching for it, it apparently can't find it when the car kit is sitting right next to it.  Help?


Here's what I'm doing:

1. Putting the LG HFB-500 in pairing mode by holding down the call button for 5 seconds.  The led flashes on for two seconds, off for two seconds, which indicates it's in pairing mode.

2. On my phone I got to Menu -> Settings --> Bluetooth.  My bluetooth is on and my phone's visibility is set to Shown to All.

3. I cursor over to the Paired Devices Screen.  Options --> New Paired Device.


My understanding is that at this point, a window should pop up that says Searching For New Devices and then my phone should find the LG HFB-500 and I should be on my way to hands free happiness.  But when I select New Paired Devices nothing happens.  I've tried disconnecting and blocking my Jawbone first, and the same nothing happens when I hit New Paired Devices.


Am I missing something?  I didn't have this kind of trouble with my samsung ear piece or my jawbone ear piece.

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Re: Issues pairing e71x to LG HFB-500 hands free car kit

I just tried again, after setting the HFB-500 aside for a couple of weeks, and this time it worked! I swear I took the exact same actions - the only differences I can think of is I did it just now at home in the evening, versus in the morning at work.


**shrugs** Technology.  Who can figure it.


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