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Is the Samsung Rugby 3 any good?


Is the Samsung Rugby 3 any good?

I have a friend who is looking at getting a Samsung Rugby 3 and he would like to know if the phone is good.  What is good and bad about it?  

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Re: Is the Samsung Rugby 3 any good?

Hello, try this link Device Center  it will give you a complete review of the phone.

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Re: Is the Samsung Rugby 3 any good?

Thank you for the information.  I chose the Samsung Rugby III and I am having some problems with it, which I posted in a previous message.  The phone has already been replaced once and it is doing the same thing that the other one did.  All of my contacts are saved on the SIM card and when I edit a contact's telephone number, and delete all of the digits, the phone freezes, the screen shuts off for a second and turns back on, the display gets brighter for a second, then the phone reboots.  Sometimes, after the phone does all of this, it shuts itself off and I have to turn it back on.  However, when I edit this one contact's information and delete the telephone numbers, the phone does not do this at all.  It seems to do this with all of my contacts on the SIM card, except for one.  The other features on the phone work just fine.  Could it be a defective SIM card and not the phone?

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