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Is Nokia Lumnia 520 3G or 4G?


Is Nokia Lumnia 520 3G or 4G?

The AT&T website says Nokia Lumnia 520 is 4G




But Nokia website says it is 3G




So who is right? Both are large companies and hard to imaging typos, please explain why there is a difference? Thank!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Is Nokia Lumnia 520 3G or 4G?

Hi ctny, 


The US AT&T based model of Lumia 520 is a HSPA+ device. While on AT&T's network in most places you will get 4G speeds. 


However the international versions, or traveling outside of the US will result it in 3G speeds. 


So both are right, just depends upon the network and where you are at. The 520 is one of their most popular models overseas and thus why they advertise it as such. 

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