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How long to recharge?

How long to recharge?

I've had a ZTE Z222 flip hone for a while and never had this occur, before. I'm, pretty sure the phone is charging (looks like it is and seems to charge up) BUT, it used to say CHARGING COMPLTE when it was charged. Lately, it just keeps saying PHONE CHARGING even though it's ben plugged in for hours.

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Re: How long to recharge?

Good morning @Mister_Cee!

I understand how not seeing the message you used to receive when charging your phone can be strange. I am glad you reached out to us for assistance. Let’s begin with some solutions!

The first thing you will want to do is make sure to use a compatible charger in good conditions. This also helps to get the maximum performance out of your battery.

Also, try rebooting your phone or removing the battery for about 10 second. This assists in clearing possible minor errors occurring.

In the event the problem continues, please visit the Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool for additional support. After logging into your account, click on Power and battery for a personalized guide.

I hope you find this information of assistance. Have a great day!

Anabel, AT&T Community Specialist

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