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Have 2 Phones But 1 Sim


Have 2 Phones But 1 Sim

I bought a Windows Phone GoPhone a coupple months ago to take on trips so I dont lose my iPhone, and instead of paying the 40.00 Dollars for the 90 day plan id like to know if i could put the sim from my iPhone into my GoPhone without messing up anything. 

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Re: Have 2 Phones But 1 Sim

Unless you have the Iphone 3gs your sim card technology is not going to match the gophone SIM.


You can always pick up a SIM from a corporate AT&T store for free and have them activate it before you leave, but then you will have to do the same thing once you're ready to use your iphone again.



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Re: Have 2 Phones But 1 Sim

It depends on which models of Windows Phone and iPhone you are using. If both phones take a microSIM card, then yes, you should be able to swap your SIM between phones back and forth without any problems.

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