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Gmail email-to-text help!


Gmail email-to-text help!

Hey guys,


Just switched over from verizon to AT&T and I have a problem. Im a firefighter in ohio and we get pages from our department's gmail account. We are listed as contacts and are sent out group messages via "email to text". I researched and found our with need to use my phone number and after its or Ive experimented with both of these endings and found out the @mms uses our gmail so we can save it to set a distnct ringtone, which is awesome. If we use the @text one, it comes up a differnt number all the time and it doesnt have a distinct ringtone. People with verizon do not have any issues!



Another problem i have is that i will not receive the text if it is sent as a group message. If it is sent individually, it will come in. I also tried to make a test group with a few people in and it sends out, but not the general groups that im in that have about 39 poeple and the other has 12.



Any ideas? I spoke to a tech support person and they are looking into it. No one seems to know why.



Also, im using an Iphone 5s, so i dont think that is an issue


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