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Fuze not ringing


Fuze not ringing

For some reason, my phone will not ring. I have had several voice mails, but my phone never rings. I am in an area with good Edge only service, but always have 2 bars.

I have tried calling from a land line, and several cell phones, and on average the other phones ring 3 times before my Fuze rings the first time.

One time my fuze never rang and went straight to voice mail.
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Re: Fuze not ringing

I had same problem, I returned it this morning now it is working perfectly. You may want to consider exchanging it.
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Re: Fuze not ringing

Have you tried doing a soft reset?

Is it that the phone does not indicate an incoming call at all? or does it show on the screen but simply does not ring?
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Re: Fuze not ringing

When I went to a local ATT corp story, I was told
"It is normal for a smartphone to not ring for the first few times that a hear on a diffrent line"

Would not even suggest a problem with the phone, and treated it like a non issue.
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Re: Fuze not ringing

Soft reset had no impact.

I have no indication of a incoming call at all.
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Re: Fuze not ringing

If you know someone else with AT&T for cellular service, swap SIM cards with them for a few minutes and then test.  See if the issue stays with your phone or with the SIM card.

That will prove definitively whether the issue is with the SIM or the phone.  Either way, AT&T should swap the defective part at no cost to you.

You could also try doing a hard reset on the phone, but I doubt that is actually the issue.
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Re: Fuze not ringing

Return the phone! I had a phone that I had exchanged, and returned because I seen it ringing, but heard
no sound, nor did it vibrate [when set to vibrate & ring]. Not to mention it was dropping calls, but that may be due to
what the manager had said, the service was somewhat slow today..
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Re: Fuze not ringing

There seems to be a delay with the ATT dialer skin.  Seems you have to do 2 things:

1) Phone - Settings - Services - Call Forwarding (set the delay to go to voicemail to 30 seconds)
2) Install Diamond Tweaks and re-enable the WM standard dialer under the Phone settings

Number 2 will enable the phone to ring instantly while number 1 will give you more time to answer the phone.
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Re: Fuze not ringing

It seems that my problem is related to the bloat that AT@T added.

I had found several other comments about the problem and they suggest the steps Hidden_dragon did, and that seems to be working for now.
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Re: Fuze not ringing

thank you hidden dragon - good info. Helped.

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