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Fuze - Large TIME


Fuze - Large TIME

I really like the phone but what's with that BIG TIME?


How come sometimes the time on the home page is real bold and big, while other times it loses the big box around it and looks more transparent?


I want it looking like the latter.  How can I change this?


Also, can I change the colors of the home page text so I can see it against my own personal homescreen picture?


Thanks in advance.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Fuze - Large TIME

As to the time, just swipe your finger up toward the top of the screen and the clock will shrink into the background.

As to themes, you can go either to FuzeMobility or XDA developers - there are hundreds to chose from.

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Re: Fuze - Large TIME


Got it...Thanks!

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