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Freestyle--Text/Data Plans?


Freestyle--Text/Data Plans?

A data plan is not required for this phone, but unlimited texting is recommended? 

Can anyone explain this to me?


If texting is not needed or used, why is it recommended?


Is this really a smartphone than can have a data plan?


Does it have Wi-Fi capabilities?  I'm confused. Smiley Sad

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Re: Freestyle--Text/Data Plans?

A texting plan is recommended because the majority of folks that get a feature phone do a lot of texting.

The freestyle is not a smartphone, therefore it does not require a data plan.


As for whether it has Wi-Fi... the specs for the device should clearly state if it has Wi-Fi capabilities.

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Re: Freestyle--Text/Data Plans?

OK, thanks.

To access Web mail accounts, I guess a data plan is required?


The only Wi-Fi I see is BT. Smiley Sad

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Re: Freestyle--Text/Data Plans?

A data plan may not be necessarily required to access e-mail accounts, but it would also be strongly recommended like the text messaging plan if your son wants to use the phone for light to moderate data purposes. Otherwise, without a data plan, your bill could be noticeably higher for that particular month because data would be accessed at the pay-per-use rate instead.

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Re: Freestyle--Text/Data Plans?

I doubt he'll use it much, rarely uses the phone.  But maybe with the 30-day trial, he could get a better feel for what is needed.  Know the $35 restocking fee will apply.


He's trying to save me money by not adding an extra $15/mo. for something he won't use much.  I said that, too, until I got my iPhone.


Thanks to all for opinions and advice! Smiley Wink

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Re: Freestyle--Text/Data Plans?

If anyone else is looking at this phone, be sure you know this phone does not require a Data or Texting Plan!


Last night, a BestBuy salesperson said it required a Data Plan; and I knew better (thanks, Forum!).  I told him to check because ATT people and online posters said NO!  Well, he looked, and said no Data, but it required Texting!  Wrong again!  ATT store confirmed that Texting is not required, but recommended IF you do texting.


The only reason we're even looking at BestBuy is because of no restocking fee, and they're offering it in-store for $79 (vs. $99 online).  ATT has it for $199 in-store (vs. $99 online, but sold out).


Again, appreciate the information and saving me from buying something that is NOT needed!

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Re: Freestyle--Text/Data Plans?

You're welcome! I love outsmarting people! Smiley Very Happy

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