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Forwarding Text Messages


Forwarding Text Messages

I am a total novice with respect to texting - and we have just recently upgraded our AT&T Wireless Family Plan to include texting. I have both a personal cell phone (an AT&T Windows Nokia 920) and an employer-furnished work cell phone (an AT&T iPhone 5). Typically, I have my personal cell phone number set to auto-forward all calls to my work cell phone, so that I only have to carry one cell phone to receive calls sent to either cell phone number. This works fine for all voice calls to my personal cell phone number, regardless of whether my personal cell phone (usually left at home) is “on” or “off” (usually left "off"). My question (as I understand that “texting” sends messages to one’s phone number) is: with my personal cell phone number’s “auto call forwarding” enabled, are text messages sent to my personal cell phone number also supposed to be automatically forwarded to my work cell phone?  This doesn’t seem to be happening. Is there a way I can enable it? Thanks.

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Re: Forwarding Text Messages

Call forwarding does not include text messages. Unless there's an app that can be installed on your personal phone, I know of no way to auto-forward text messages.

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Re: Auto-Forwarding Incoming Text Messages

Thanks for the reply. If an app is needed on my personal phone for "text forwarding", does that mean that my personal phone would likely have to be "on" for the "text forwarding" to work, or would the app simply be furnishing instruction to AT&T when the "text forwarding" is turned on or off from my personal phone? Unfortunately, the question might largely be academic, as I don't seem to see an app for "text forwarding" in the Nokia Windows App Store...

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Re: Auto-Forwarding Incoming Text Messages

The phone would need to be on in order for the app, if there is one, to forward the messages.

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