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Epix Goods and Bads


Epix Goods and Bads

I've had my Epix for a day now, and generally, I like the device. The finger mouse is pretty cool, the screen is crisp. I don't think that the device is too fat (maybe 1/16" fatter than a BJ1), and it fits my BJ1 holster case, which is a plus.

HOWEVER, there are 3 things that at the moment are driving me crazy. Any thoughts on these are greatly appreciated.

1) I can't find a way to turn off 3G. 3G sucks battery, I don't need it all the time. On my BJ1 I did the BandSel hack and that worked fine. The Epix appears to not have BandSel anywhere on the device. Help!!!

2) How do you next/prev when reading email messages? If I'm reading a message, how the heck do I get to the next or previous message without going back to the message list first?

3) When I'm active syncing, I can see no reason whatsoever for the screen to be on. However, it is. I've got the "backlight while on external power" timer set to one minute. No joy. I did have it turn off once, but it turned back on shortly after that. And, no, I don't have a password set (already saw those notes...)

Thanks for any thoughts, pointers, copies of BandSel for the Epix Smiley Wink, etc.

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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

2) How do you next/prev when reading email messages? If I'm reading a message, how the heck do I get to the next or previous message without going back to the message list first?


What I did was map the email button and the camera button at the bottom/right of the keyboard to be scroll left and scroll right keys.  Go to Settings > Personal tab > Buttons.  Then remap those keys or others that you prefer.


When you are reading an email, scroll right takes you to the next mail and scroll left takes you to the previous.

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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

Sorry this is so late, but I just recently got this phone.  Apparently there is no SIM manager which is ridiculous being that this phone is a Windows based PDA, but I digress... I'm not sure what you wanted to do with the SIM manager but personally, I wanted to delete all of my contacts off of my SIM card because when I did the sync with my computer, the contacts that were in my Outlook transferred to my phone which created duplicates.  To me, it's better to have the contacts on the device instead of the SIM card because you can give personalized ring tones, assign them a picture, enter their address, birthday, multiple numbers, etc... So, I played around with the phone and figured out how to delete multiple contacts at a time.  The rep I spoke to said you can only delete them one by one, which is not the case.  Just go to your contacts, hit "menu", scroll down to "select contacts", you can choose "several" or "all".  If you click several, just tap on each of the contacts that you want to delete, then go to "menu" and select "delete contacts".  Also, you can select contacts, hit copy contact, and send them to your SIM card if you want them on your card.  It took me less than a minute to delete my SIM contacts!  Much better than deleting one by one!
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads


I do not remember exactly how I deleted all my duplicates but you can indicate which duplicates you want to delete in your contact. Before you continue with your Epix, I suggest that you read the SLOG DUMP thread, I have had three of these phones and before you get comfortable you might want to reconsider even though the Epix in my opinion better than the HTC Fuze and the BB Bold ude to windows mobile.

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Re: Epix Goods and Bads - Thing I didn't like

For those like me with eye site that is less than perfect...I found out quite by accident that if you press and hold the Camera button (bottom right) it becomes a zoom button instead allowing you to zoom in and out.
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads - Thing I didn't like

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