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Re: Epix Goods and Bads


Epix Goods and Bads

I've had my Epix for a day now, and generally, I like the device. The finger mouse is pretty cool, the screen is crisp. I don't think that the device is too fat (maybe 1/16" fatter than a BJ1), and it fits my BJ1 holster case, which is a plus.

HOWEVER, there are 3 things that at the moment are driving me crazy. Any thoughts on these are greatly appreciated.

1) I can't find a way to turn off 3G. 3G sucks battery, I don't need it all the time. On my BJ1 I did the BandSel hack and that worked fine. The Epix appears to not have BandSel anywhere on the device. Help!!!

2) How do you next/prev when reading email messages? If I'm reading a message, how the heck do I get to the next or previous message without going back to the message list first?

3) When I'm active syncing, I can see no reason whatsoever for the screen to be on. However, it is. I've got the "backlight while on external power" timer set to one minute. No joy. I did have it turn off once, but it turned back on shortly after that. And, no, I don't have a password set (already saw those notes...)

Thanks for any thoughts, pointers, copies of BandSel for the Epix Smiley Wink, etc.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Epix Goods and Bads

I just discovered that the *#1546792*# hack works for turning off 3G. Select Network Call Setting, then Network Mode. Auto enables 3G, GSM turns it off.

One down, two to go Smiley Wink

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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

One more annoyance...there doesn't seem to be a straightforward way to get rid of the ATT-placed favorites from the browser. Time to go registry-digging...
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

OK, talking to myself here...you CAN delete the staticallly created favorites entries, but I haven't found a way to easily move them around, so they are now gone Smiley Wink.

Now down to figuring out how to prev/next when reading messages, and a backlight that really likes to be on.
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads


I'm kinda new to Samsung and Win Mo as well...so had a quick question.

Where do you enter the *#1546792*# ? You just start typing it on the main screen?
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

Since I like to turn 3G on and off at times, I added a contact entry with the number *#xxxx*# and when I start typing the number, the contact shows up to help me remember the stupid thing. This is useful since you can't have a proper contact with that phone number, as that doesn't work.
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

Adminsettings is now just \Windows\Admin.exe, but it is hidden in File Explorer. You an find it using Total Commander (ghisler.net) and make a shortcut into \Windows\Start Menu\Programs if you want.
You can also create a new text file on your PC called "admin.lnk", use notepad to paste in the following:
And then copy that admin.lnk file to your phone and put it in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

Thanks for the pointer to admin.exe...much easier!
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads - Thing I didn't like

I had the Epix for a day and had to take it back... Smiley Sad
Bluetooth would not work with my 2008 Altima Coupe Hands Free which I need for my job.
Bluetooth paired on my laptop then lost it... windows is so involved with settings and pairing steps... Nokia makes it so easy, why can't Window follow.
Optical Mouse was a little hard to master... found it took longer to do things, with practice it most likely would be fine.
Adapter (included) needed to use headset (not included)
Charge and Data Cable (included) were unique and used a small port in the side of the phone, little door that you have to open to use might not last that long.
I know my eyes are not what they used to be but the print is so small on the screen that I could not read it while I was driving
The print on the keys is so small, my first phone with a keypad like this, made it very difficult locating the different functions they can do.
Oh my, it is a finger print magnet...  keep a cloth with you to wipe it down. Not a big Con but a pain...
These are things that turned me off Smiley Sad, I figure people that have Samsung BJ's would find this an excellent replacement.  It was very nice, felt good in my hands and the call volume was good.  Performance was excellent, GPS was very slow at first but after locating the Sats it responded faster.
Over all I liked it  Smiley Happy but the few cons I found made it not fit my needs... Smiley Tongue
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads - Thing I didn't like

Just got my Epix today and of course had to change a few 'defaults'.  One of the changes was the font size, so you can make that change for us visually challenged old guys.  So far, everything works very well, with speed much better than my A707 which I had previously.  The reps don't know the device, so plan on learning it yourself.  The tutorial online is a bit of a help, in fact, its the only help, as there's no book.
Keep the information coming.  I plan on testing it hard for the next 28 days.
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

You should also be able to use the File Explorer in Activesync on your PC to find and copy the Admin.exe to the Start Menu folder. 
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

Do you know if the Epix has a setting on it that would cause the text messaging  to use the contact list on my SIM and not my Good Link contacts.
Example: when I start typing  Allen in the to: on a text massage it pulls all of the A's on my SIM card but none from my Good Link contacts.  It  causes me to  have to enter his phone number.
Also when I receive a text from someone it attaches a 1 to the senders number and won't display the name that I have in my Good Link contacts for that person because the 1 is added to it.
Example:  if I get a text from a person who's number is 222-333-4444 it displays 1-222-333-4444. 
I've  looked under programs and  settings and  can't find SIM Manager.  Do you know where it is?
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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

The power stuff is driving me nuts. The screen just will not shut off. I've set all the backlight settings way down but the LCD and backlight never shut off unless I tap the powerkey.


If I go into setting and set it to "Turn off if not used for" on and set a time it will turn off but that seems to completely turn off the phone so i don't get calls/text/ emails any longer.

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Re: Epix Goods and Bads

I tried creating a admin.link (20#"\Windows\Admin.exe") notepad file on my PC and then pasting it to my phone and in the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ but I keep getting a error that it can't read it because it wasn'y created on my phone...   Any ideas how to get it on there?

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