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Early upgrade trade?


Early upgrade trade?

I would like to trade in my HTC One for an iPhone 5s.  I am still under contract with more than a year remaining.  I see the price for an early upgrade for the 5s is $449.  Will AT&T give me a credit towards that phone if i trade in my HTC One?  If so, how much?  Also, if they won't, I would be able to sell my HTC One on ebay after getting the iPhone 5s, right?   Thanks.

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Re: Early upgrade trade?

Yes, it looks like AT&T can do this for you. You will not get cash by trading in your HTC One, but rather a promotion card that you can use on any AT&T goods and services, including smartphones, tablets, and accessories. You should be able to use this on the early upgrade price of your new iPhone 5s.

AT&T's trade-in program information is listed here:

It says that "trade-in value is determined by device make, model, and condition." While I wouldn't expect top dollar for your HTC One, I would expect at least a couple hundred dollars, especially if the phone is in mint to near-mint condition. You could probably make more money by selling the phone on eBay or elsewhere, but I think that the trade-in program is a pretty fair deal.

Good luck and enjoy your new phone. Smiley Happy

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Re: Early upgrade trade?

Hi Lmo18,


You can absolutely trade your device in at the store towards the sale of an iPhone 5S. As long as everything is functional on the device and there is no damage to the phone you'll get the max credit for it.


I will say that in most cases selling it though private sale will net more than what our in store trade in program offers which you would be able sell your device without any issues. Of course with the in store program you don't have to worry about shipping, buyer mis-communication, etc.


You can visit any local Company Owned Store and they would be able to tell you the trade value for your HTC One.

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