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Can you use a jitterbug phone on an AT&T plan?


Can you use a jitterbug phone on an AT&T plan?

My mother prefers the jitterbug phone. Can she use hers on an AT&T plan? If not, what phones are easy for seniors to use?

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‎11-19-2018 10:06 AM

Re: Can you use a jitterbug phone on an AT&T plan?

Hi, @Sim456,


We'd love to help with this. We don't believe Jitterbug phones are compatible with AT&T's system. There is a way to check, though. If you have the IMEI number of the phone, you can check its compatibility with the system yourself.


Have a great week!


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Can you use a jitterbug phone on an AT&T plan?

Curious if you found out if your mother's Jitterbug phone will work with AT&T?  I had no choice but to switch my mom to a smartphone, and even getting the easiest to use available on their network, she still has a hard time with it a year later.  I would prefer to be able to purchase an unlocked jitterbug phone and move it to the AT&T network instead of switching networks.

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Re: Can you use a jitterbug phone on an AT&T plan?

I purchased a Jitterbug smart 2 phone and the AT&T tech help was helpLESS as well as the Jitterbug tech.  Really disappointed that they were clueless.  Can not believe that AT&T at least provide their techs with info regarding the jitterbug phones.  By the way I entered the IMEI number and it said the phone was compatible with AT&T.  So misinformation there.  We spent 2 plus hours trying to make it work.  Got text messages but then they would disappear and the phone hang up during set up then would finally give an error code 5.  Which was not determined what that meant.   Initial chat support was very helpful tho, and agreed that the phone was compatible according the IMEI number, but could not get the phone to respond remotely.  Directed us to "advanced tech department" with was VERY DISAPPOINTING.  I am sure there are a lot of older folks out there who have tried as I have and it would seem that the techs should have some information as to whether the phone will work or not. 

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