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Bootloader Error--RAZR V3xx--HELP!


Bootloader Error--RAZR V3xx--HELP!

I've searched and read all the old posts on this problem; and could not reply as they were all locked.


It does not sound like anyone ever got this resolved?


  • My phone has not been dropped (stays in a padded case).
  • I was not doing any hacking/jailbreaking.
  • I've never seen this error before.


Phone was doing the low-battery beep last night, and I was too tired to get up and turn it off/plug it into the charger.


Have 2 batteries and tried home and car chargers; same errors, just stuck!


Phone is burning hot right now and that's with it closed and just on battery.


This is with the original battery:

SW Version

Battery Low
Cannot Program


BATTERY LOW--CANNOT PROGRAM flashes; unplugging from charger makes screen go dark.



This is with the spare battery:

SW Version

Battery OK
OK to Program
Connect USB
Data Cable


I have NEVER used a Data Cable/USB to do anything with this phone.


Please tell me this can be fixed!!! Smiley Sad




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Re: Bootloader Error--RAZR V3xx--HELP!

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Re: Bootloader Error--RAZR V3xx--HELP!

Took a broken-hinge RAZR to repair guy (ATT DSC referral) and asked him to swap the boards; fixed for $20!


Broken phones can come in handy. Smiley Wink


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