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Blackberry Pearl 8120 (Wap/Internet Settings?)


Blackberry Pearl 8120 (Wap/Internet Settings?)

Okay, so I'm thinking about buying a refurbished Blackberry Pearl 8120 off of e-bay.. The phone is unlocked, but the ad specifically says that there are no guarantees that the internet, and e-mail, and text messaging will work, that it would most likely have to be configured for AT&T. Does anyone know where I can get those settings??? Tell me the settings? Tell me where they need to be entered? I don't wanna buy the phone until I know I will be able to get the settings to get it to work for it's intended purpose.

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Re: Blackberry Pearl 8120 (Wap/Internet Settings?)

BB's aren't like other smartphones.  Get a BB data plan and the service books will be automatically pushed to your BB.  The service books automatically configure the BB for the carrier.

What you need to do is make sure that the BB you're looking to buy isn't currently associated with BIS or else you won't be able to register it yourself.

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Re: Blackberry Pearl 8120 (Wap/Internet Settings?)

Awesome, thank you so much, I appreciate your help.
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