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BB Torch 9810 and BB Data Plan


BB Torch 9810 and BB Data Plan

Does anyone knows if there is a commitment for the data plan itself?


I am fed up with the GPS that which the only reason I have a data plan. Everytime I get lost and need to use it there is almost always no GPS signal.


I already have my standalone GPS with traffic updates so I don't need the data plan anymore.


That being said, will changing my BB Torch to a regular phone, voice and text messaging only, automatically remove my BB data plan? Do I have an option to remove it after changing phones? The account is still under a commitment though.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: BB Torch 9810 and BB Data Plan

Nope, there is no commitment to using a specific phone, i.e. a smartphone, in your case. You have the option to "downgrade" your phone back to a feature phone. Just be sure to call AT&T and let them know that you are no longer using a smartphone so that they can remove your data plan for you.

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