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At&T BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE very mismanaged company.


At&T BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE very mismanaged company.

Last week my hubby ask AT&T and if they could connect our landline keeping our old number. We got all the pricing quoted to ask and there will be no problem. At&T has assure us it will be connected this Friday 8,2014. AT&T has called us again and ask me when was the best time a technician could come to our home on Friday 8,2014. I've given an option, I told them in the morning. So they told me the technician is coming on friday 8, 2014, between 8 to 12 AM. NO ONE SHOWED UP! My husband has to stay home and wait for them to come and finally called the Att Bad customer service. We were shuffeld around from department to department. My husband has been calling them many times, and the answer were similar "they are running late". The person we talked has told us that we MISSED OUR APPOINTMENT! how could we missed we have been home no one has showed up! Even the manager has mixed up my husband's name and our info! It's already late afternoon of Friday 8, 2014, the Att manager we talked today told us he is getting a dispatch technician TODAY in my home to connect our telephone line. Really? let me see if this is not another LIE from ATT. Why not tell us the truth, so that we are not wasting our time waiting for your technician to call or show up? WHAT"S wrong with you people! This is our order reference number [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information], why not look it up ATT employees!

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Re: At&T BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE very mismanaged company.

Hello, Heartland29!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear your technician didn't show up at the appointed time. We would appreciate the opportunity to remedy the situation, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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