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Another week, I will try again

Another week, I will try again

I do not want badges or tutor titles that I do not deserve..I know nothing and am very confused at this point..still after a week of going round and round. My problem is NOT resolved as it says


I Have a new lg2 escape phone with att. I do not use data so I do not need to sync It to yahoo, correct? A nice helpful tech helped with that evenhelping with that remote control. Is there any reason this needs to be sync with yahoo on iPad and PC..pictures maybe..? Anything else. 

My iPad Air 2 and PC are are another matter. I seem to have 3 yahoo mail things going on on my iPad. What is the difference between Yahoo and yahoo!. I think I have both. I have a purple yahoo icon. I have a purple yahoo! Icon  One has mail envelope one does not. I have avatars for both on my screen in the top portion. I also have an email avatar (is this yahoo or yahoo!  Is it part of app?) below the line which opens to a  more structured page of just email, I think it has the 5 things I need  

1.the ability to have PC yahoo account that syncs to iPad yahoo acct that is The ability to link with my yahoo on my PC so I do not have to delete things twice all the time only now I am finding yahoo! on my PC when I thought it was only an app.

3 I must have my ***** primary address as it is the one I use exclusively now. Plus my att recovery address.

3 I must have all the folders I have put information into.

4 I must have all my pictures. 

I have made many changes and nothing seems to work. Is there a way to delete the avatars I don't need? Or do I need them for some reason? Why is one at the bottom?

but the ones on top of line still get mail also


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