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ATT Camera Buy a Session


ATT Camera Buy a Session

I have an Spartan  ATT 3g camera with ATT buy a session data package. I was getting good pictures sent to my email up to about 3 weeks ago with 3 bars of signal. I have checked my data package and it is up to date. I have checked the batteries and they are fully charged. I am not getting any signal at all on the camera. I have an ATT cell phone and standing next to the camera, I have 3 bars of signal, but nothing on the camera. I’ve called ATT support and all the rep wanted to do was dispute that I had such a camera and said that I had to go to ATT store to resolve. Poor service. The folks at ATT store don’t have any knowledge of what to do. How can I have gotten 3 bars of signal 3 weeks ago and now nothing? Is it a 3g problem?

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Re: ATT Camera Buy a Session

Good afternoon @Pavezorak,

It my understanding you are having issues with your Spartan camera.  This is definitely something we want to get fixed for you.  I will be happy to offer my assistance. 

In order to help you, I would need to a little more information.  Please let me know exact make and model of the camera. 

I would also need more details on what is actually happening.  Are you still receiving pictures?   Is it a picture quality issue?

Once I know what we are dealing with I will be able to determine the best course of action.

Thank you for accessing the Community Forums, and have a wonderful week.

Anthony, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: ATT Camera Buy a Session

I too have had a terrible time trying to get support for the ATT buy a session plans (I have 4 spartan cameras).  After multiple phone calls and hours being passed around between agents I even tried going into an ATT store today.  Ultimately, no one seems to be able to help service these plans.  Not sure what else to do right now. I have reached out to Spartan to see if the camera can be switched over to another carrier. Frustrating experience.

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