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I received a letter in the mail today, the letter states my online account is locked and I need to call 877-285-0144 to resolve the issue. I called the number, it seems legit, though it really seemed like a scam. They kept asking for my account information and I refused to give it to them. The return address is a p.o. Box in Florida. Its safe to assume, I am not the only one that has received a letter, I want people to know before they are taken advantage of.
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Scam letter

I recently received a letter claiming to be from AT&T stating there was fraudulent activity on my online account and for my protection it was locked. The letter listed a telephone number to call 877-***. I was able to log into my account just fine and changed the password to be safe. I'm pretty sure this was a scam but any verification on this.


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Re: Scam letter

Did you try googling the number? Sometimes turns up some information.

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Re: Scam letter

Smart.  Hopefully this post will warn others.

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Have you tried to log on to your account? is it locked? Most likely a scam.

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I got that letter today.  First tried logging in to my accounts and had no problems.  Looks like a scam.  Basically apply the same rules to snail mail as email - don't trust anything.  Don't call any numbers or reply but instead go to the website for your account and call the number they have if you need to call someone.  I will email copy of letter to at&t just to make sure they are aware of it.

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‎04-20-2017 8:00 AM


All, while this original thread is a little old, some customers have recently received emails referring them to 877-285-0144, so we thought we’d offer some clarification. This is a legitimate email and legitimate number.


This number goes to our Digital Assistance Center who can verify your identity, unlock your account and, if needed, help to reset your password for you.



The AT&T Community Team

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"This is a legitimate email and legitimate number."


AT&T, if this is your answer, you have some major problems:


1- It's completely unacceptable to be telling users in your forums in a thread that was started OVER A YEAR ago that this is legitimate!

2- Why is there virtually no information on your website about this phone number, and its purpose?

3- Why, when calling this number, is there NO pre-recorded identifying information about AT&T?

4- Why does the pre-recorded audio sound like it was recorded in a back room restaurant toilet?

5- Why do the agents all sound like they're from a foreign country, and ask for a LOT of personal information?  THIS IS HOW PEOPLE ARE SCAMMED!

6- A simple Google search against this number, 877-285-0144, brings up dozens of links to people believe this is a phishing scam with no acknowledgement from AT&T on any of this.


People should be worried about their personal information.  AT&T setting up a "secret" secondary phone number to identify and reset passwords is ABSURD!  People should be able to dial 611 or the official AT&T number and connect to an agent.  At least people will know they're connecting to a legitimate employee.


The likelyhood of a very low-usage AT&T forum moderator account (24 posts in 5+ years) being hacked and telling everyone a number is real seems more plausible than the number actually being real!


I still have extreme doubts about the legitimacy of this email and contact number!


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The reason it looks fake is because it looks fake. It violates ATT's own fraudulent email guidelines. One, it doesn't include any portion of the account #, and most importantly, it's not coming from a legit-looking source. Per ATT's website - the first sign of fake email is "Uses a different URL than the company". What address did this mail come from? Two different very suspicious ones, along the lines of [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.] Total fail!

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Community Manager


Hello everyone,


@hazesyd @FifteenLetterID Thank you for you feedback, we have passed it on to appropriate people.


I can also confirm that the number in question is the legitimate number. We felt it was important to update the thread for anyone trying to identify it in the future, however I do apologize for the delay in doing so.


Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Thanks again,


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I have been receiving phishing calls from someone who says they represent the IRS and this is the last chance that I have before the IRS arrests me.  They are from different places and phone numbers.  Of course, I don't reply, but I would like to know how to stop them.  I block the number afterward, but that does not help because they call from a different number each time.  How did they get my cell number? I don't usually give it out except to friends and the doctor's office, never to sales organizations.  How DID they get my cell number?  ATT does not sell numbers, do they?

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I have been receiving phishing calls from IRS threatening arrest if I do not call them right away.  They call on my cell phone and I do not know where they could have gotten it. Does ATT sell our phone numbers?  The latest one was from 646-859-6003, NY,NY.  I would like to have a place to report this, but ATT does not have one. I did report to IRS, but can ATT do something about it?  The calls are from a different phone number each time.


Seriously, does ATT sell our phone numbers?



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The phishing calls really cant be stopped they are spoof ip based numbers and can choose any number they want to call you from. They don't care about the do not call list because they cannot be traced.i try to have a little fun with them keep them on the line and waste their time , i figure the longer i keep em on the phone that's a few less people they can scam (amazing how many people don't know the irs does not call you , they send it through the mail or show up at your door) Go to YouTube and search HOAX HOTEL this guy is awesome at toying with the scammers and is very entertaining.

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This number is for the people who don't pay for att. I just looked this number up and this is the number tech support told me to call in order to get support. They wouldn't give me any support now since I'm not a paying customer. 

If you want my opinion. This is "great". I can't login to my email after I reset my password. I don't know why sbcglobal merged with yahoo then left the sbcglobal customer out in the hit cold. I can't stand att. This is why I cancelled my service with them. I got a dispute with PayPal and I can't get into my email because there software "is great". Now I'm screwed since I can't login. I got my password and all. Its just there "great system set up" won't let me login. I'm being sarcastic since I can't use a bad word. This is bull 

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I just received one of these emails today - it came with no information about my account or why my account was locked, but I am too skeptical to call the phone number because when googled, it only comes up as a phishing phone number.


I would like to know why my account was locked though.

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