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Online, phone interface problems


Online, phone interface problems

Just so you know, your online and phone interface for gophone is messed up almost to the point of being useless.  I logged in online to add a message package to my daughter's gophone account.  It told me there were no packages that I could purchase, so it was a complete dead end.  I called the phone interface, and got to the option to add a messaging package, but then it told me I didn't have enough $ in the account to add the package I wanted (no option to purchase it separately with a credit card -- boo!), and gave me the option to add $.  So I did that.  Went down that logic tree, and added $25 to the account.  Then selected the option to add messages, and it told me there were no packages I could purchase.  Again, a complete dead end.  So I hung up, called again, went through the original menu to get to add messages, and was able to add the message package I desired.  But this whole process took more than 15 minutes. 


Fix your interface!  It worked fine before.  Now you've jazzed it up, and it is practically useless.


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Re: Online, phone interface problems

Hello, ailinsh1!


Thanks for posting. We appreciate your feedback, and we apologize for the difficulty you had adding this messaging package. We would be happy to forward your comments; if there's anything you'd like to add, please feel free to let me know via private message!


In the meantime, we hope to continue to see you around the forums!



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