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Online account hack - fraud via AT&T Next- Fraud department wouldn't speak to me about the account.

Online account hack - fraud via AT&T Next- Fraud department wouldn't speak to me about the account.

Our account was hacked, I received a text from AT&T that our billing information had been changed.
I verified online that the address and email address were changed and we didn't do it. I then called customer service, the lady was very nice.
She said she was changing the address back. I asked her to see if any additional changes had been made to the account, because I was worried about it and we had not made any. She looked and told me that contracts were signed online that week for two lines. Someone online ordered two iPhone 6 phones and had them ship to the "new address" on the account.She then informed me that I needed to talk to the fraud department.
I was then transferred to the fraud department. I told the fraud dept. lady what had occurred, and she informed me that since the account was in my husbands name she could not discuss anything with me. I explained that my husband was out of the country, she told me again that she would not discuss the account with me.
I asked her if there was a way to make sure no further fraud could take place, anything that could be done. She told me to call customer service again, and add a passcode. After that call with the fraud department, I logged back in, and was shocked to see that none of the address or email changes had been entered.
I changed the information back, and then had a passcode added.
It occurred to me that the orders could be tracked online, so I went looking at them. I reviewed the FedEx tracking information. One phone had shipped and the address was a mismatch, so it was being returned to AT&T. The second phone had just been picked up by Fedex. I called customer service again. I explained the situation, and asked if they could contact Fedex and reroute the shipment back to AT&T. The very nice lady told me I needed to talk to the fraud department. I pleaded with her, explaining that they wouldn't speak with me, and I just want to make sure that this criminal didn't get the phone. She understood, and asked to place me on hold, so she could see what she could do. I agreed. She came back a few minutes later. She had found that the first phone had been returned, and she was able to reverse the upgrade on that line. She told me again that we needed to talk to the fraud department. She told me she knew they wouldn't talk to me, so she was going to speak with them about it. After holding for more than five minutes she returned to say that she couldn't get ahold of anyone in the fraud department, they were very busy today. She then placed me on hold one last time while she contacted FedEx to see what she could do. When she returned, she had reroute do the shipment back to AT&T, and was in the process of reversing that upgrade as well. I would like everyone to know what an outstanding job the three ladies of the customer service department did on this.
My issue is with the fraud department. AT&T next program made it easy for a hacker to steal a new phone and not pay anything, sticking the account holder with a monthly phone payment. How is it a complete stranger criminal can hack my account, change everything about it, order new phones... And the Fraud department won't talk to me about making it right. I am an authorized user, I can make changes and buy phones legally on the account. The woman in the fraud department was rude about it, identity theft is traumatic and being told you can't even talk to them about it is Unacceptable. They made a note on the account that I callled about a fraud. My husband won't be back until Friday. He will be calling the fraud department to make sure this is completely handled.
If not for the very helpful customer service department, the 128GB iPhone 6 would deliver tomorrow to the hacker criminal. I am very frustrated, and want it noted for anyone with this issue in the future, that they aren't the only person that account fraud happens to and what I had to deal with, so maybe they can help AT&T act more quickly and keep new phones away from criminals trying to steal them.
Make sure to add a passcode and change your password often.
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Re: Online account hack - fraud via AT

Perhaps you are negating the issue, ATT has zero ability for any person(s) to prove or even mention fraud took place.  This is not as much for my benefit as it is for the company.  Let me ask this if it were your company and your rear on the line at every shareholder meeting to explain profit and losses would you want the shrink/loss/fraud portion of the statement to improve or degrade?  After you answer that, how can it when your customers are the ones causing the loss.  Sure they have already built the network they use but any call they wish to send out of the country is charged by pennies a minute with CLEC's paying on average of 3 cents per minute.  The money is lost so you, their customer now pays.  You're are correct, it doesn't bother me anymore.  Thinking of it this way, you are paying in the end not me.


Thanks for the smile 😉

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ACE - Sage

Re: Online account hack - fraud via AT

Yes, they do.  For their own customers, on their own account.  Just as your credit card company takes care of you, ATT can only care for its own.  Everything has to be done through the proper channels.  




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Re: Online account hack - fraud via AT&T Next- Fraud department wouldn't speak to me about the a

I believe AT&T has had a major security breach. Our online account was hijacked and someone changed our online password, added an authorized user and went in and upgraded mine and my wife's lines to iPhone 10's... Of course our phones quit working and we both spent 4 hours each on hold because the fraud department is extremely busy. 
When my wife was in the shop, 3 other people were there complaining of the same problem. 

I know we didn't give our security info to anyone yet we were hacked??? If you try and erroneously enter the password 3 times your account gets blocked, making it virtually impossible to 'hack' the online account. And, since our account was never locked, either there was a security breach(hacking of ATT information on a mass scale) or an internal person compromised our personal information... in either case, this is a breach of security. Since there were 3 other people in the shop at the same time, and it took over 4 hours on hold because their fraud department is soooo busy, I really suspect that AT&T was hacked and they are not being honest with the public... perhaps because it's the season...

In any case, we were told by the fraud department that they would reverse the charges for the phones... still to be seen... but that we needed to contact all the credit bureaus and change our email accounts and any other passwords that may be the same. Also they told us that all of our personal information had been compromised. 

So we have to do all this work spending many hours to correct their screw up... once we are through this and verify that we are not being held responsible for this fraud, we will be exiting AT&T services forever.

Very unhappy premiere customer.

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Re: Online account hack - fraud via AT&T Next- Fraud department wouldn't speak to me about the a

my account was hacked and someone across the country ordered an iphone x. and apparently no one ever answers the phone at the fraud dept, if it even exists, so the only way i could deal with it was to call fedex and have the order returned to sender. and it worked. at&t would have been liable for $1200 if they'd gotten it, so it looks like i saved them some money. and no, i never was able to speak to anyone at fraud. but billing sure answers the phone....

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Re: Online account hack - fraud via AT&T Next- Fraud department wouldn't speak to me about the a

Wireless account got Hacked twice! ATT fraud dept is helping hackers.

My phone line that had been suspended still got hacked which caused ATT to shut down our other working line. After struggling with overseas customer support for may days and hours each time we called with no result. We had the same problem of customer service and the fraud office would not talk to the spouse whose name was on the account because one of the phones belongs to that person and the other spouse just happened to be out of the country. It seems like the hackers know about it. Finally, I spoke with the Fraud department which is closed during the weekend. The account was restored but we had to take the phone to ATT authorized dealer to have the SIM card replaced. We thought our days of problems were over. No, not at all. Now, our other wireless phone has unauthorized long-distance international calls for a total of over $26,000. Yes. I am not exaggerating it. I called the overseas call center for att and I was told to speak to the Fraud department again. It happened on Friday evening when that office closed. so I have to wait until Monday and let the hacker keep making those expensive international calls. Folks! ATT quality service is down the gutter. I have switched my Intenet and other services from ATT and I will do the same with wireless as well as soon as I get settle this unwanted and undeserved mess. I have been a customer of ATT for over 10 years. Sad! 👎

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