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Number calling itself? Call logs


Number calling itself? Call logs

I can't seem to find an answer, what causes records that show a number calling itself. why is it different than regular VM?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Number calling itself? Call logs

IIRC, Regular Voice Mail, is configured to call a VM number for the service area. This takes you directly to the login process, that will do the auto login using Caller-ID.  When someone calls your number and you don't answer, your line is setup to "auto forward" to the voice mail center, and they get connected to your mailbox again, but since their caller-ID doesn't auto-login, they can leave you a message.  When you call your own number, once again, it is auto-forwarded to the voicemail center, but this time the auto-login useing caller-ID does work.


Now, if you call me, and I have my phone set to auto-forward calls to another number, your bill shows you calling me, even though it is auto-forwarded to another number.  I suspect that this is why you may see normal calls to yourself if you use that method to check your voice mail.  I can't swear that this is exactly what you are seeing, but it all seems to make sense to me. :-)

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Re: Number calling itself? Call logs

What if the number calling itself is a landline, and not a cell or wireless?  My caller ID is showing that my house called itself.

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Re: Number calling itself? Call logs

The last paragraph doesn't make sense to me.  If you call your number from your phone, you will get your voicemail.  So, if you have forwarded your number to another phone that has a different number, when people call your the number you have forwarded, how does this show up on the billing? 

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Re: Number calling itself? Call logs

My phone number appears in the At&t Phone Log as if I called myself yet phone CID just lists it as Incoming call. When I answer it I find its from a scammers pretending to be from Microsoft pretending they see a virus in my computer

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